Magento Roundup April 2014

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  • April 11, 2014
Douglas Radburn

Douglas Radburn

Head of Technical

We read a LOT at Branded3. We’re always looking at articles to back up our own findings and to push us into new areas and exciting new developments.

With this in mind, there is a lot happening with e-commerce and Magento specifically at the moment, so here are a list of great resources that you should take a look at from the last month:

Magento 2 Webinar On Frontend & Layout Architecture – Q&A Session

Earlier in the week, there was an official #Magento2 Q&A session regarding the Frontend & Layout Architecture that will be in place. Some great information was shared prior to the session being abandoned due to technical issues – a built-in LESS compiler will be included, jQuery will replace Prototype, and a responsive layout will be included straight out of the box.

6 design essential ingredients for successful e-commerce

With the sheer number of businesses moving online increasing exponentially, this article details some of the strengths and weaknesses of e-commerce builds; highlighting how best to take advantage of design to increase conversions.


By far one of the most interesting issues we’ve seen a patch for recently is an indexing bug in Magento’s core. When indexing products, and products with parents, the core code adds IDs as Integers and Strings. Combining the two means that MySQL cannot use it’s internal indices to achieve high performance and must resort to slow table reads. More information here, including some example queries:

E-commerce for Mobile: Making the Most of Your Site

Moving from a desktop experience to a mobile experience for your e-commerce solution can be hazardous. There are a lot of mobile devices to manage compatibility for, but also, a whole experience to create for your customer. This article highlights how to prioritise the large questions you’re going to need to ask yourself when you’re thinking about a mobile market, and hints at some of the small issues that might arise along the way.

Consumer Psychology & the E-Commerce Checkout

This article includes a brilliant infographic detailing consumer psychology throughout the checkout process of e-commerce stores. It contains many insights that can be implemented into your Magento checkout process.


Launched on time (hurray!), oroCRM promises to do for CRM what Magento has done for e-commerce. Bringing an open-source, modularised service to the CRM sector – it also promises to have a strong marketplace offering key addons and extensions. One to watch, definitely.