Make money by reading the sunday papers

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  • August 6, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Since I started ranking for the term Giles Wareing and other related terms it has sent hardly any traffic, despite being the second biggest search term sending traffic to Amazon after “books”.

The reason for this is simple, the Giles Wareing book was featured in a few sunday papers before it was popular. Straight away thousands of people would have searched Google to buy the book at without any competition Amazon walked off with pretty much 100% of the traffic and sales.

Being the first to exploit a new niche is very lucrative but what we really want to know is how bloggers can use this to make money.

The key is to get up early on sunday and read the paper. Find a book review that you think you can rank top 5 for in 24 hours and write your own review with a covershot of the book.

Wait until the page ranks in the top 10 on Google and add your affiliate link to Amazon and sit back in the hope that there is enough search volume for you to make money.

If you can’t rank your site within 24 hours then use PPC to target the search term instead.

Sunday papers have always been a good money maker, for years investors have been buying stocks tipped in popular weekend columns on a Monday morning and selling Monday lunchtime.

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