Meet Windows Phone 8

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  • June 21, 2012
Julian Kay

Julian Kay


As well as the Microsoft Surface announcement, Microsoft also held a Windows Phone summit this week. In autumn this year, Windows Phone 8 will offer brand new features to end users, developers and businesses, as well as new options for ecommerce, including in-app purchases and wallet applications.

Our Windows developers (particularly myself!) are very excited about the new platform features that are set to arrive with Windows Phone 8, including:

  • An improved Windows core – sharing many components with Windows 8
  • New start-screen experience with more tile sizes and interactivity
  • NFC technology for ‘touch to share’ experiences
  • Skype and VOIP integration throughout the phone
  • New hardware support including mutli-core, removable storage and HD graphics
  • Internet Explorer 10, Direct X, native C / C++ code and a new .NET Framework

Additionally, Windows Phone 8 brings a whole new level of enterprise development to mobile devices. Microsoft is supporting technologies like BitLocker which will encrypt all of the contents of your employees’ phones (including those all-important emails) to ensure that nothing falls into the wrong hands. You can now also produce a private application store for line-of-business applications which can be collected into a hub, allowing your employees to install and run custom applications without going through the Microsoft store.

This is an important release in that it heralds a big shift for the Windows platform over the next few years; it is also a very positive development for the client, simply because it means we, the developers, can share code and assets between Windows 8 and Windows Phone, speeding up multi-platform development times, and allowing simultaneous releases for both the phone and the tablet. This will save significant development time, which will therefore bring significant reductions on cost and enable faster turnaround on development projects.

As always, if you’re interested in producing Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications with us… get in touch! I’m happy to talk to you about what the new Windows platform can mean for your business.

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