Milk Tray Man, Japanese Recipes and #yourmove music session

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  • October 19, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

Let’s start with the sweetest…

The infamous Coca-Cola Truck adverts usually appear on our TV screens early December, but Lincoln was treated to a mini preview last week.

Seventy-three year old Barrie Hall has spent the last eight months transforming his mobility scooter into a mini version of the Christmas Coca Cola truck. The Lincoln pensioner, who was recently diagnosed with Leukaemia, has decorated his mobility scooter with lights, vinyls, a Santa suit and other festive additions ready to tour his local city of Lincoln and raise money for charity. Barrie will begin travelling around the city on November 4th with a collection tin on hand.

Last year Mr Hall turned his scooter into a sleigh complete with reindeer, putting a smile on a lot of people’s faces and raising £467 in the process.

Coca cola

New Milk Tray Man Vacancy is OPEN!

If you like chocolate, wear black polo necks and thrive on adventure, then this might just be your dream job!

Cadbury has launched their latest campaign to find a new man to feature in their adverts, market their brand on social channels and to be the face of the new Milk Tray chocolates. To become the latest ‘Milk Tray Man’ you will have to apply on the Milk Tray website, submitting a video of yourself explaining why you, your hubby, or your nominated friend should get the role.

Please note, the successful candidate will have big boots to fill, with previous Milk Tray Men including James Coombes, Gary Meyers and Jonathan Cake, to name just a few. If you think you have what it takes to be the next Milk Tray man or woman, you can apply here:

To get a sense of what the role will involve, view James Coombes in action.


Fancy making sushi tonight? ELAN shows how simple it can be

Sometimes a good old blind taste test is all you need to determine the king of translation. Confused? Let me explain. ELAN Languages wanted to prove that their online translation software is a lot more accurate than Google Translate.

What better way to determine this than to get a chef to cook sushi from a translated Japanese recipe?

The chef cooked recipes translated by Google Translate and the same recipe translated by ELAN Languages. The results were surprisingly different, watch the video to see what blind tasters thought of their sushi:

A voice fit for radio #yourmove with BBC Radio 1Xtra

If you were anywhere near Trinity Leeds this weekend then you may have been in for a chance to get yourself heard on BBC Radio 1XTRA. Their latest #yourmove campaign is one if our favorites this week as it offered the opportunity to perform in a recording booths to potentially get yourself front of BBC producers.

The booths were set up to allow you to record your song which, if chosen, could then be played on BBC Radio 1Xtra. The Your Move in the Booth playlist provided the perfect warm up for this:


And finally,

Food for Thought with SSP’s new ad

M&C Saatchi has done an incredible job of creating utopia and dystopia, showcasing how small changes today can result in a better future in 2045.

The advert, created for  SSP, a Swedish pension management company that proactively campaigns for sustainable resources, highlights the importance of renewable resources and social responsibility to ensure that the future is not polluted and we don’t have to drink salads out of bottles (Imagine that!).

As you watch the video you can drag the arrow left and right to see how the future could look (notice the pet dogs being helped to walk by drones).