Live Search proves they don’t understand relevance

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  • October 3, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

The MSN Live Search blog has just published a post about how the new index has increased relevance and is far superior to the old MSN.

We eat, live and breathe ideas and technology that makes our relevance better. Having worked on this release for a little over 9 months we could not be more excited about the relevance of our new engine. From our metrics, and more importantly our usage as customers, our new engine is so far superior to our old one. Consider this post a little tour guide, if you will, of our new engine and the things you might notice when you use it.

The only problem is that they point to the search results for Microsoft taco truck as an example of a search they carry “good” results for. If you check the results the first is a made for adsense spam parked domain. Oops.

Taco Truck

They point to Chowhound as a good result so why is it only listed at number 6 when Google has it at number 1?

C’mon Microsoft there must be a better example to use than that!