Natural search vs paid search spend & traffic share for big brand retailers

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  • December 2, 2009

Internet marketing firm Conductor has carried out some research (using Spyfu) to see what proportion of traffic to the top 10 big-box US retailers is coming from paid search compared to natural search.

natural vs paid search share

In summary, they are spending a lot on paid search and natural search is still performing better in a number of cases. Of course the natural search traffic will include a lot of brand search (more than PPC) but it’s still interesting to see.

Collectively they are spending $678,000 per day on paid search which actually seems quite low to me – it works out at around £40k per day which for a big retailer isn’t much. Target for example spent $297,000 per day on PPC according to this study.

I always like to refer people to this chart from SEOmoz showing the distribution between natural search spend and paid search spend compared to the share of clicks each receives. I wonder what Target would say if somebody quoted $297,000 per day for natural search?

distribution of search clicks vs spend

Patrick Altoft

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  • Peter Young

    Would be interesting to see how the above data would come out if run on purely non-brand traffic., as I would suggest we would possibly see a far more different landscape than that above – as I can’t help feeling brands such as Walmart have their figures heavily distorted in such studies by the volume of brand traffic to the site.

  • tag44

    Nice post, very well useful information shared here related to natural and paid search.

  • Daniel Brady

    Since high organic traffic comes from creating tonnes of unique and quality content, ‘SEO Spend’ should also include the cost of content creation, in which case it has a lot higher spending per year.

  • JP

    One question:

    No. of visits is Monthly uniques?

    Also I would like to see profit per media.

    (OT: mate, those twitter are not comments, and pretty much f*ck the flow of the conversation, maybe in a different column?)

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  • Anil Kumar Singh

    SEO is evergreen always. If you want long term result then SEO is best option for you.

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