Three new social media sites for you to try

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  • August 24, 2007

During last weeks traffic storm I got to see traffic from more social networks than ever before and can report on a couple of pleasant surprises.


Reddit isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve always thought of it as trailing quite long way behind Digg in terms of its ability to send traffic. Last week reddit sent 28,000 unique visitors which is pretty huge, even in relation to Digg. seems to be a Spanish version of Digg. They sent 6,000 uniques last week which was pretty amazing.

scoopeo is a French version of Digg so it might not be much use to non-French speaking people.
The traffic was useful however, sending 1,800 unique visitors last week.

For more niche social networking sites check out this list from Andy.

Patrick Altoft

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  • Glen Allsopp

    I use Reddit a lot, but I’m not really interested in sites that I can’t understand 😉

    Andy’s list is a good one

  • Paquito

    I think I met you via Meneame in fact Smile

    Statistics rules Smile

    Regards from Spain,


  • Ty Graham

    I had a lot of respect for your site’s vision until I read this post and then re-read the title of the post. Shame on blogstorm for calling digg, reddit, meneame and scoopeo social media sites when they are all social bookmarking sites.

  • Patrick Altoft

    Ty, the reason for calling them social media is that in my opinion they are not really bookmarking sites. I feel that only delicious is a bookmarking site.

    You can’t vote for something on Digg and then search your Diggs to find it 3 months down the line so its not a bookmark.

    I’m happy for other people to call them bookmarking sites but I’m going to group them all as social media sites.

  • Today Is Not Over Yet

    You posted your story in english at meneame and got all those visitors?

    tell us more when you have time please

  • Bilingual Blogger

    Yes, please do tell us more about your Meneame experience because the first story I submitted there was immediately panned and jeered as being “spam” because it was from my own blog. meneame also has a rather inscrutable system of accruing votes and accumulating “karma” that not even its own Wiki can do a decent job of explaining.

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