Nintendo Wii Fit is Top Selling Christmas Gift So Far

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  • November 13, 2008

It’s early days but the Nintendo Wii Fit is looking like it might be the top selling product this Christmas after topping the search volume charts in October.

Nintendo Wii Fit

At present the search results don’t seem to be hugely competitive so it will be interesting to see how this changes now that Hitwise has told everybody.

Money Supermarket is the top bidder with a PPC campaign boasting the “Cheapest Nintendo Wii Fit” and Amazon is in third place with a misspelled advert for “Wii Fit + Balace Board”.

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  • Franklin Bishop

    Crazy! Rather play PS3….

  • Dan_H

    I’ve seen a steady increase in hits from Wii Fit related terms in the past weeks. And an increase in affiliate revenue, which is always good 😉

    It’s still no where near as popular as the Wii Console was, at the same time last year.

    As at least retailers have plenty of Wii Fit’s in the UK, albeit mainly available in expensive bundles. The stockists have learned the lesson from last year. This was when as soon as someone released a load of the Wii’s at the RRP, they were snapped up in bulk. Then sold on again on auction sites for a profit. Looks like its bundles only at the moment.

  • MakingMoneyForLife

    Yeah now I can understand why the Nintendo Wii is the top selling Christmas Gift for 2008. I always heard about it and seen it on TV about senior homes using them as a way of exercise for the seniors. I actually got a chance to play one on Halloween after taking my daughter our trick or treating. What a great machine! It’s fun, you get exercixe and share some great laughs. Neat idea! I know I played baseball and bowling, wish I got a chance to play boxing but they never had the controller for it. I know after playing the Wii myself I will plan on buying one not only for my daughter but for myself as well :)

    Dan good to hear your affiliate earnings are increasing! When something is popular among people is always the best time to make money. I know when I plan on getting one I will use your affiliate link. Good job and wish you much more prosperity for 2008 and into 2009.


    Jamie Boyle
    Internet Marketer

  • tarot readers

    wow, can’t believe Wii is so hot

  • martha

    Really amazing Wii Fit is on top….

  • Art

    For anyone who owns a Wii Fit, it’s easy to see why it’s out performing everything else. As a senior citizen myself, it’s the only for of excersise I get. but I’ve lost 10 pounds just by using this for half an hour about 5 times a week.

  • Blackberry Storm Man

    This game is absolutely amazing!!! There are 4 different types of training:Strength, Balance, Aerobics, and Yoga. You can track your weight and BMI using the balance board. It keeps up with your weight loss goals too! Nearly all of the exercises seem more like games than exercise, after nearly 2 hours of playing this morning I feel like I’ve done more than I ever had at the gym. Try the Hula Hoop game or the tight rope walk, they are my favorite so far.

  • elal frequent flyer

    Not quite an online marketing issue, but I was wondering if spas in Manhattan, New York started offering Wii Fit sessions as part of their treatments, what that would do to sales. It would certainly make for some nice PR.

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