The Olympics, summer holidays and an A-Level filter

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  • August 19, 2016
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

The Olympics, A Level results and National Blood Week have all been huge topics this week so obviously brands have jumped on the events to launch some great PR campaigns and stunts. Let’s start with the Olympics…

The Sun-lounger dash

Earlier this week, a video was released of holidaymakers at the Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm, sprinting to set up their sunbeds and Paddy Power grabbed their opportunity to cause some controversy – as usual!

They added a comedic commentary to the video and made it into a pretend Olympic event, pitting Germans, Team GB and Russia against each other to get their sunbed’s set up. Have a watch for yourself


Virgin Holidays have become sponsors of Camden Beach, Roundhouse’s urban beach, this summer and to celebrate they’re bringing a taste of Barbados to Camden. There will be rum cocktails, BBQ’s and a Bajan bungalow.

And that’s not all. They’re also giving visitors to the beach the chance to win a seven night holiday, just by sharing a photo of yourself, looking like you’re in Barbados (but obviously you’re just in Camden!). To enter, simply use the hashtag #ATasteOfBarbados

So if you’re in the area, nip in, take a quick selfie and you’ll be in with a chance.

Understanding the younger generations

Café Grandmère are a French coffee brand that have been open since 1954. As they have been open for many years and trends and language have changed a lot, to re-establish the connection between young and old they decided to create the ‘Generation Translator.’

It allows you to put in common modern phrases and translate it into a phrase that the older generation would use, or vice versa.

Have a go and see if you can find out some new French phrases to use.  

A-Level results day gets its own Snapchat filter

To target the next generation of customers, earlier this week Nationwide created a Snapchat filter for A-Level results day.

The filter showed animated confetti in Nationwide colours and a banner saying ‘A-Level results day. Smashed it’

Absolut and Uber team up

Absolut and Uber have teamed up to launch a competition for users of the Uber app in London, it forms part of Absolut’s #AbsolutNights campaign.

To be entered, customers simply had to enter promo code PRIVATEJET in their Uber app to unlock a special view for London. The winner will be picked up today from central London and taken straight to the airport where a private jet will be waiting to take them away for 24 hours of ‘fun and spontaneity’

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