Opening Your Doors to Google Maps

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  • August 14, 2012
Georgia Halston

Georgia Halston

Social Media Strategist

Many businesses in the US have taken advantage of the Google Maps asset which allows customers to virtually walk-in from the street. The seamless route from street view to establishment is not only an amazing break-through in Google technology, but a massive selling point for any company and now it seems that businesses in the UK are following suit.

Some of the business types that could really reap the benefits of a 360 tour of their premises would be; retail stores, especially those with a particularly interesting aesthetic; pubs and bars; and museums and art galleries (perhaps to give a taster of exhibitions).

The industry that seems to be making the technology their own however, is that of catering, namely restaurants, bistros and general eateries. When searching for a restaurant it seems common practice to go online and view the menu. The 360 virtual tours of restaurants now allow the customer to experience the restaurant first-hand.

Embed codes are available for company websites so that customers are able to access the tour straight from the site or from Google’s Street View. It seems advisable to have tours of four to six areas within the building.

One of the more notable and undoubtedly engaging attempts into realising the potential of indoor tours is that of world cuisine aficionado Red Hot World Buffet. Their restaurant offers an impressive interior that does this technology justice in terms of what brands can achieve.

The Leeds branch of the seven restaurant chain shares four tours of its premises. The first being their entrance in which the virtual tourist has their first taste of the air travel themed décor.

Click on the interactive map below to begin the tour:

View Larger Map

The next tour invites customers to take a walk down the isle of the Red Hot Airways aeroplane style corridor reflecting the multi cultured, international nature of the cuisine served at the restaurant.

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The remaining two tours highlight more of the seating areas and the tantalising food on offer.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

The technology is also available on your mobile device through the mobile version of Google Maps.  The 360 degree indoor tours are sure to be common place for businesses across the board in years to come as there are already small businesses sprouting up who offer the design and photography service exclusively.

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