Showcase: Fancy Dress Ball – Party Planner

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  • July 2, 2014
Tom Hawkin

Tom Hawkin

Lead .Net Developer

Client: Fancy Dress Ball
Platform: Bespoke .NET MVC application


Fancy Dress Ball is a leading online retailer of fancy dress costumes and outfits. The main site (not created by Branded3) focuses on providing a simple and easy process to browse and purchase costumes online. The site is underpinned by the excellent service and products that Fancy Dress Ball provides which can be seen by over 6,500+ reviews on trust pilot and an overall rating of 9.6/10.

The Challenge

The core challenge set out for the project was to create something that would sit on the Fancy Dress Ball site that would deliver the following:

  • Increased brand loyalty through:
    • Engagement with existing audience
    • Appeal to a new audience
  • Drive an increase in sales
  • Be a linkable asset

Our Approach

Branded3 proposed a bespoke platform that would allow Fancy Dress Ball to engage and lead the social space of parties and events whilst at the same time present users of the tool with the chance to purchase and interact with the brand; the Party Planner armed with the goal “to create, share and plan the perfect fancy-dress party” was born.

The party planner integrates very closely with the Facebook platform to authenticate users onto the application. A simple user journey was devised to make the application easy to use and highly engaging:

  1. Create an event:
    The user is prompted to enter details of their event such as giving it a title, selecting the date and uploading a suitable image.
  2. Pick a theme:
    Using the Fancy Dress Ball catalogue as the base, the platform offers a range of themes for the user to select such as “superhero”, “western”, “pirate” etc.
  3. Invite your friends:
    Linking back with Facebook, the platform allows users to invited their friends into the platform and send personal invites to their accounts.
  4. Pick your outfits:
    Each attendee can view a range of outfits and costumes that are suitable with the party theme, each of these are linked to products within the online store where they can be purchased.

The application was developed with a responsive interface to ensure that it would be usable on mobile and tablets which is an increasing audience for Fancy Dress Ball.

Using the .NET MVC 4 framework we created a bespoke app which hooked into the Facebook API. It used the API to validate login credentials and create user profiles from their Facebook data. It also used the API to send notifications to friends of the user that were invited to the user’s party. The front end of the site was built with bootstrap to make it responsive which was then customised to make it fit the designs that were provided.


The social connected element of the planner has allowed it to reach new audiences and gain traction through friend-get-friend mechanics.


Fancy dress party planner invite friends


Fancy Dress Party PlannerParty theme selection

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