Pass the parcel, Kit Kats and the sweetest job in the world!

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  • December 11, 2015
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Kit Kat’s Christmas break

Nothing says Christmas like…a blank space! The new Kit Kat ad pokes some not so subtle fun at the cliché Christmas ads from the likes of John Lewis and Tesco with a 30 second ad featuring nothing but a blank space and actor Tom Hollander’s soothing voice.

Kit Kat have also started a petition to get the word ‘break’ recognised as an emoji and added to the emoji lexicon. Using this brilliant video they are now on over 4k signatures and very nearly at their 5k target.


Lloyds Bank’s interactive, projection-mapped Christmas tree

We absolutely love the recent ‘Love you to the stars and back’ TV ad which promotes Lloyds’ new Apple Pay system, so news that they were installing a 12 metre canvas Christmas tree on London’s Southbank was music to our ears!

As part of the campaign’s #loveyoutothestars message, the vinyl projected tree brings to life content created by the public in bespoke on-site video booths and via the dictated online microsite.

The on-site tree also allows you to share and spread the love to others this festive season by adding a star for the person you want to say #loveyoutothestars to! This will also enter you into a competition to win 1 of 100 prizes including a trip to Norway to see the Northern lights.


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M&S Pass the Parcel

Marks and Spencer have brought back their social Pass the Parcel for the third year running with bigger and better prizes.

Using either your Facebook or Twitter account, the game allows you to unwrap five layers of the present to win one of over 100,000 festive prizes hidden inside. To increase social buzz around the game, users are encouraged to share with friends to gain more unwraps.

Now I don’t know the type of pass the parcel M&S have been playing all their life but we’re used to at least a packet of sweets falling out from every layer!

However, you can go back every day and try again. Try your luck here.

Dogs Trust #ADIFL

As part of their iconic Christmas campaign ‘A Dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas’, the Dogs Trust have teamed up with some of the nation’s favourite faces to offer up a comical but hard hitting video based on the ridiculous excuses some owners provide for giving up their pets to any of the 20 rehoming centres across the UK.

Dogs Trust’s Chief Executive, Adrian Burder explains:

“Sadly, there are many understandable reasons why people have to give up their dogs and we appreciate that circumstances can change beyond their control, however we cannot fathom that dogs should lose their security, comfort and home for such reasons they ‘’Ate the banoffee pie’’ or ‘‘Sat in front of the TV when the football was on.”

Some of the other laughable excuses given throughout the video and recorded by the charity’s staff over the last 12 months include “He’s too perfect”, “All he does is sleep” and “He doesn’t fit in my handbag”.

Mackie’s sweetest job in the world!

Scottish food brand, Mackie’s, are on the search for a Chief Chocolate Taster to help them create a new flavour combination for the ultimate chocolate bar when the company launches its new factory in 2016.

Their comical video explains the ins and outs of the job, as well as the vast requirements needed from any applicant including a mouth and taste buds, be fruit and nutty about chocolate and brimming with interesting flavour combinations.

Of all the applicants, four finalists will put their chocolate bar creations to the test at the family farm before the final two are put head to head via a public vote on Facebook.

Kirstin McNutt, head of development, said: “This isn’t a Chinese Wispa, we really are recruiting a Chief Chocolate taster for twelve months.