Pedigree selfies, Icebreaker’s wild stunt, and Ikea saves a dying art

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  • April 15, 2016
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

    It feels like the PR campaigns we spot throughout the week are becoming just that little bit more adventurous. Take a look at five of our top creative pieces this week.

    Pedigree – The Posting Tail

    We all know that social media is saturated with images and videos of our adorable animals: some owners have event set up their beloved pets their own accounts.

    Pet food brand Pedigree has gone one step further, creating The Posting Tail: a smart vest that allows your dog to post on their Facebook page without any help of their owners.

    It uses an accelerometer on the tail to detect movement, combined with a Raspberry processor to send signals to the camera when it picks out happy tail wags. It then takes a picture of whatever it is that’s making the dog so excited, and immediately uploads it to their social media account.

    Icebreaker – ‘Wildest Fan’

    To celebrate the launch of its first Sydney store, clothing brand Icebreaker went hunting for it’s ‘wildest fan’ to take part in an adventurous stunt.

    The brand picked Sam Milojevic, a keen abseiler, and paid her $2000 to sleep in a hanging tent system suspended 20 metres above Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall for one night.

    This was a great stunt to lauch their new store and definitley got the attention of the media.

    TransferWise – Storm Freerun

    On April 13th, TransferWise teamed up with parkour group Storm Freerun to surprise Londoners.

    In conjunction with the brand’s ‘Stop Hidden Fees’ campaign, which aims for foreign exchange pricing to become more transparent, the stunt saw members of Storm Freerun climb buildings and street furniture from London Bridge to Westminster.

    The petition has received over 30,000 signatures so far. I thought this was a great way to maximize brand exposure across London in an innovative way.

    IKEA Art Event 2016 – KLIKK

    In honour of their new Ikea Art Photography 2016 (a collection of 11 prints by 11 contemporary photographers available to buy in-store for a few weeks over April), Ikea Belgium has launched a fun new app – Klikk – that allows users to submit their own snap and be in with a chance of having their work featured on a 12th print.

    Klikk aims to ‘save the dying art of photography’ by forcing users to think about timing, lighting and composition, rather than relying on the one-size-fits all filter solution that so many of us use on a daily basis.

    Users can only take one photo, so they must think carefully and really make sure it counts!

    H&M – World Recycle Week

    Swedish apparel retailer H&M is partnering with British hip hop star M.I.A in honour of World Recycle Week.

    M.I.A, who has also worked as a clothing designer and is known for her fashion style and environmental activism, wrote the song “Rewear It” for the project, and worked with choreographer Aaron Sillis to produce a video for the song.

    H&M aims to collect 1,000 tons of unwanted or worn out garments across its more than 3,600 global stores from April 18th to the 24th.

    H&M characterized the World Recycle Week campaign as “one of the most extensive environmental projects that H&M has undertaken.” Customers who turn in their unwanted clothing will receive a coupon for money off in store during the campaign period.

    This is a great way to use celebrity endorsement for a good cause and to entice customers to give something back in exchange for a little bit of discount.