Pokémon revenge, bees and a tower-tastic summer

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  • August 5, 2016
Beth Hibbert

Beth Hibbert

Digital PR Strategist

The Pokémon phenomenon is still in full swing, so we just had to include at least one campaign in this week’s PR round-up. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the augmented reality game has impacted the real world too, and one city in Switzerland is taking revenge on gamers.

Pokémon Revenge

Jumping on the Pokémon bandwagon, Basel tourism board are causing chaos by catapulting “Pokéballs” at unsuspecting players and, of course, capturing it all on video. A YouTube clip of the prank has had thousands of views and gained coverage across the globe, putting the City of Basel on the map.

Whether the victims of the prank are real or actors is yet to be confirmed, but you can watch the full video below and decide for yourself.

The story of bees

It’s not just Pokémon creating a “buzz” this week. Taylor’s of Harrogate have teamed up with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in a bid to save the nations declining bee population, as well as promoting their fruit tea range.

Taylors have created the “world’s poshest insect residence”, the Grand Bee-dapest Hotel and a cute video to go with it. This content all sits perfectly within their campaign page, which includes data around the bee population, tips on how you can help, and a competition for entrants win a trip to Kew Gardens.


French dating site Meetic recently ran a campaign about “loving your imperfections”, and have decided to take the campaign further by running a comical follow up. This time, they play on the idea of how one person’s imperfections can be endearing to their future partner.

The main video shows a man who constantly has his right arm held in the air, and shows a romantic tale of him finding his “perfect match”; a girl with her left arm in the air. They high-five and live happily ever after.

The video is in French, but even if you don’t speak the lingo, the language of love translates well for all audiences:

Aura Reader

To promote Norwegian Air’s flights between Europe and America, the brand created an “Aura Reader”, showcasing the many destinations on offer.

Launching in Santa Monica Place, passers-by used the machine to read their pulse and temperature to find out which travel destinations best match their aura.  It would then print out the results and give random users the chance to actually win the holiday. The Aura Reader is now going on tour around the US giving away five tickets every day.

For those not lucky enough to be sunning themselves in the US right now, there’s also an online tool where you can find out which destinations best suit your aura too.


A Tower Tastic Summer

This summer, Alton Towers Resort is pulling out all the stops to give the UK a “tower-tastic” summer. Today in Trinity Leeds shopping centre, shoppers will need to keep their eyes peeled for “Golden Tickets” allowing free entry to the resort.

The theme park are touring the UK to give away tickets and freebies in an attempt to make this the most fun summer ever. Keep an eye on their Twitter channel to find out whether they’ll be in your town next.


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