Post-April Fools’ breakdown and controversial campaigns

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  • April 6, 2017
Audrey Maffre

Audrey Maffre

Digital PR Executive

April Fools’ jokes never get old. Our only complaint was that this year, because April 1st fell on a Saturday, we didn’t get to prank anyone in the office… to console ourselves, we compiled our favourite stunts and even added in a campaign that probably would have been better off as a prank…

Do you speak Emoji?

Duolingo, a free online and mobile app that helps you learn over 20 languages (for English-speakers), released a press statement last week revealing they were launching the first Emoji language course. Apparently, the idea was based on how older generations struggle to communicate and understand their kids’ and grandchildren’s texts.

Albeit, the idea might not be so far-fetched – only a few months ago, a translation agency encouraged job applications for an Emoji Translator Specialist. We are now eagerly waiting for the official launch of the Emoji language course.

Sharing is caring

PornHub gave their users a good scare on Saturday morning. After watching their “favourite” video, a pop up window showed this:


You can only imagine what viewers must have felt after realising the video had been shared with all their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. But the fright did not last too long, as the two buttons, “WTF, reverse this now!” and “Thanks Pornhub!” directed them to the following page:



A new kind of host

Because human interaction is so yesterday, Airbnb disclosed their newest creation: the humanless host. Tired of making small talk? Always forgetting your charger? Want your stay to be almost as seamless as possible? Brendan is for you. Just remember to keep him away from water and to run regular updates.

Did we fall for it? Not really, but it was nicely done and the online accommodation service mentions you can still access old-fashioned human hospitality if you’re so inclined.

Hi-tech for your pet

Why shouldn’t pets be allowed the same technology perks as us? To answer this question, Amazon introduce Petlexa – a verson of Alexa for pets. It’s a cute idea, and we’re sure a few pet lovers were disappointed after learning it was Amazon’s April Fools’ stunt.

We have a soft spot for the hamster concerned about its fitness level…

Pepsi goes too far?

We could not write this post without commenting on the new Pepsi advert. It’s a controversy that has made Pepsi the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons.

The commercial, starring celeb Kendall Jenner, has sparked a lot of backlash online due to its inadequate ties to the Black Lives Matter movement. It seems to suggest the tension between demonstrators and police officers could simply be resolved with a can of Pepsi.

Bernice King, the daughter of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., has effectively tweeted this very sarcastic comment:

Pepsi has since taken down the ad and shared a public apology: “Pepsi was trying to project a global a message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly, we missed the mark, and we apologize…We are pulling the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, we let you be the judge:


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