Powerful PR: Destigmatizing periods and Burger King beat the bullies

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  • October 20, 2017
Kristina Semonella

Kristina Semonella

Digital PR Executive

We’ve picked a real mix of campaigns for this week’s PR round up.

From inspiring and purposeful campaigns that raise awareness over two major societal issues, to exciting new pop-ups and free doughnuts! We’ve even got a spooky spin thanks to our first favourite Halloween campaign of 2017, too.

Burger King reveal an uncomfortable truth

Burger King have released a powerful new ad campaign in collaboration with nobully.org, to raise awareness around daily bullying, and open our eyes to the importance of stepping in when we see it happening.

The brand set up two scenarios within one of their stores: they arranged for actors to create a scene where one child was being bullied, and another scene showing a member of staff delivering ‘bullied’ burgers to customers.

The sad reality was revealed to be that the majority of customers did nothing about the child being bullied, yet the majority complained to staff about their burger. You can watch it here:

We think the key  message that comes across clearly in this video is that the majority of us are more willing to speak up about something if it directly affects us – and Burger King have been successful in highlighting this.

Plan International UK – #WeAllBleed

11th October marked International Day of the Girl, which aims to highlight and address the challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment.

Plan International UK jumped on this international day to launch an influential campaign called #WeAllBleed, which aims to destigmatize menstruation and emphasize the normalcy of periods.

The children’s charity introduced miniature sanitary pads called ‘Plaster Pads’ that are worn like plasters, and sent them to celebrities and influencers to get on-board with the campaign. One simple search of the hashtag on Twitter shows how impactful this campaign has been:

Tanya Barron, Plan International UK CEO, said: “Girls are telling us that they are embarrassed, confused and ashamed about periods, a completely natural biological process which happens to half the global population.

“As a society, we obsessively euphemise, belittle and silence menstruation; we need to address the impact this is having on girls.”

Beanz Meanz Heinz

The well-known slogan ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ has been around for 50 years. To mark the occasion, Heinz have created a Bus Café that’s touring the country.

On board the bus, customers will be given the chance to dine on a variety of different toppings, and they’ll also have the opportunity to create their own personalised can label. It’s a fun idea that’s sure to be a hit with the public.

Check out a sneaky peak of the bus in the video below:

Hole-y moley! Doughnut Time are launching in the UK

Iconic Australian brand Doughnut Time are launching in the UK… and what better way to celebrate than free doughnuts?!

Their mouth-watering doughnuts look pretty remarkable, and they’re sure to draw in a crowd and create a buzz when they’re giving out some freebies. If you fancy nabbing one for yourself, make your way to Shaftesbury Avenue, London, on Friday 27th October.

But be quick, they’re only going to be giving them out free for two hours between 12:30-14:30.

King of Fears Halloween Shop

As Halloween’s just around the corner, it only seems fitting to start the ball rolling on the PR front. So, we’re kicking off first with Budweiser’s Halloween plans.

In the run up to Halloween, Budweiser are creating ‘The King of Fears’ pop-up shop on Old Street, which sounds like it’ll be somewhere between a fancy dress shop and a haunted house. There will be haunted clothes rails and mirror tricks… along with free Bud with every purchase, of course.

Sascha Cordes, senior brand manager at Budweiser UK, said: “Our King of Fears Halloween shop is a UK-first, so we’re extremely excited to be opening our doors to Londoners – who can pop in on their way to our epic Nightmare Circus Halloween Party.

“The shop will feature an array of surprises, as well as items you can only normally find online – and all done in a way only Budweiser can.”

Last week our favourite PR campaigns were from the likes of IKEA, Made.com and Topman.