PR Campaigns that achieved links and coverage this week

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  • January 26, 2017
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

Every Friday, the PR team share our top five campaigns of the week. This week, we’ve seen some great activity that’s gained not just traditional coverage, but links too.

Let’s start with this recent campaign, launched just a few days ago, and has already achieved over 170 back-links from unique domains …

Resident Evil launch an ‘Escape The Room’-style experience in London

On the 24th January, Resident Evil released their latest game Biohazard, much to the delight of the fans of this 20-year-old franchise. To promote the release, the Resident Evil team opened an ‘Escape the Room’-style experience, inviting thrill-seekers to endure 45 minutes of being chased by zombies.

Tickets come on a first come, first served basis, and can be downloaded via their website The campaign not only achieved tonnes of coverage across national, regional and game sites, but an additional 170 back-links from unique domains. While the team clearly weren’t looking for SEO value for this campaign, it shows how you can build backlinks through real-life events like this.

And here’s a video of the event to get your pulse racing…

The London tour bus for dogs

A new tour bus has arrived in London catered to dogs and their owners, and it’s called… the K9.

The K9 welcomes owners and their four-legged friends on board for a tour of the “rich canine history” of the city. Ticket-holders will receive a live on board commentary exploring the history of dogs in the Capital, including the ministerial dogs of Downing Street, the corgis that have shared Buckingham Palace with the Queen, and the location of London’s only dog cemetery.

For a ticket on the world’s first tour bus for dogs, see the website This campaign achieved over 129 back-links to its URL, and plenty of coverage across the London press.


Cards Against Humanity are looking for a new CEO! And they think Obama is the perfect candidate…

Cards Against Humanity, self-described as “a party game for horrible people” is looking for a new CEO. Perks include owning 51% of the company, being able to set your own salary, and having access to the office pantry with ‘unlimited almonds’. Sound good? Well, unless you’re Barack Obama, you don’t really have the chance.

Last week Barack Obama became ‘unemployed’, and Cards Against Humanity are jumping on the news to try and persuade him to be their new CEO.


A recent job listing for the company states the key skills you must have which includes:

  • strong public speaking skills
  • a steady disposition
  • an excellent negotiator
  • a minimum of eight years’ experience as the President of the United States of America or an equivalent nation
  • Experience hunting terrorist masterminds
  • and you’ll need to have passed comprehensive healthcare reform.

So you’ll need to be Barack Obama, basically.

This PR stunt certainly worked for the brand with coverage across international press including CNN, NBC Chicago, and Mashable.

Tags and the City explore the most popular hashtags used near every underground rail station worldwide

Ever wondered what people are hashtagging near Westminster tube station, Kings Cross, and underground rail stations in Paris, NYC, and Berlin? No, neither have I.

However, Tags and the City have created a cool interactive tube map for each international city, highlighting the most popular hashtag used within 300m of each station.


As you can see, #burberry is the most popular hashtag used within 300m of Knightsbridge, and everyone’s hashtagging #hardrockcafe when at Hyde Park Corner. Interested in exploring this further? You can find the map at

The map has so far achieved 40 backlinks and coverage internationally, including the Daily Mail.

The Ring girl terrifies shoppers in this PR stunt

My last campaign of the week includes a scary PR stunt where the girl from the Ring crawls out from a TV and petrifies shoppers. The stunt was used to promote the new sequel, Rings, and certainly got everyone talking including The Time magazine, Mirror and MTV.

Instead of me describing the stunt, it’s best to watch it for yourself…

Are you wondering how to create a campaign that achieves links instead of coverage? You can find my advice on how to do that here.