PR campaigns that helped beat the January blues

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  • February 3, 2017
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

We’ve finally got January out of the way. It was a long, cold month of miserable mornings, counting down until payday and reminiscing about the Christmas break.

But brands all over the world know exactly how we felt about it and did what they could to get us through those final January days.

Swap Jamaica for Jamaica?

JetBlue are well known in the PR and Marketing world for their stunts, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

They aimed to bring a poster to life to promote their ‘Change to Jamaica’ campaign. They set up a stand in New York’s Jamaica train station to allow people to experience a taste of Jamaica, and gave them the chance to trade their train ticket for a plane ticket. It’s safe to say, these commuters won’t forget this journey to work!

The way to everyone’s heart… FOOD

I don’t want to get your hopes up, so I’ll start by letting you know: this is just happening in Boston, USA. Sorry.

McDonalds have created a Big Mac vending machine. To launch their new ‘Grand Mac’ and ‘Mac Jnr’, it distributes free burgers to hungry passers-by.


The vending machine is active 11am-2pm. All you have to do is put in your Twitter handle and send a tweet about the product. Then out comes the burger. Easy. And delicious.

The nation’s favourite caterpillars are tying the knot

In 2016, the UK’s favourite birthday cake, Colin the Caterpillar found love. And now he’s getting married! Colin and Connie have been released as wedding cakes, complete with matching rings, confetti, a veil and a top hat.

Connie and Colin

In a statement, M&S said Colin and Connie were set to be the new must-have cake for 2017: “Colin and Connie are the perfect match and their big day is set to be the wedding of the year. For Colin it was love at first sight and he couldn’t wait to ‘put a ring on it’!” a spokesperson for the retailer said.

But there’s a catch. The average Colin the Caterpillar cake is £7.50, but the wedding caterpillars are £50 each! You can pre-order them now but they won’t be available until February 23rd.

Saving lives at the Super Bowls

Between 2009 and 2013, 294 drink driving related injuries and deaths occurred on Super Bowl Sunday in California. San Diego has seen an increase of 117% in alcohol related traffic incidents during the Sunday game night.

American crisp company Tostitos wanted to help lower these numbers. They created a crisp packet with a sensor that detects alcohol particles on people’s breath. If alcohol particles are detected, the bag changes to red and reads ‘Don’t drink and drive’, with an Uber code for $10 off underneath.

Crisp Tostitos

Great work from Tostitos, as they’ve managed to use their product to offer a solution to combat a big problem surrounding the Super Bowl.

Meaningful moments for MS

Joe Browns has designed and manufactured a Jacket of Journeys, which represents life’s journeys. 29 different items make up the patchwork coat and each has a story behind it. Each  was donated by someone who has been affected by MS.

Design Jacket of Journeys

The Jacket of Journeys is up for auction and all the money will be going to West Yorkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

Jacket of Journeys