PR campaigns that have celebrated International Women’s Day this week

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  • March 9, 2018
Rebecca Hayler

Rebecca Hayler

PR Executive

This week, International Women’s Day was celebrated all over the globe. It was widely spoken about across the news and many brands got involved in the conversation. Most campaigns got a lot of positive traction, but others also received some negative reactions on social media from the public.

PR campaigns that we will be speaking about this week include the likes of McDonald’s, Barbie and Google.

Barbie release a special edition doll

In time for International Women’s Day, Barbie have released a new special edition Nicola Adams doll. Nicola Adams, gold medal winner at the Olympics, is the 15th doll in the collection that celebrates modern day women who inspire the next generation.

She has become the first boxer Barbie in the collection, and when asked about it said, “I am so excited and honoured to be Barbie’s first ever UK Shero and the first ever boxer Barbie. Having my own Nicola Adams Barbie doll is so amazing and my hope is that everything I do helps more people realise they can do anything they put their mind to.”

The campaign has received a lot of positive feedback on Twitter and has been featured on Sky News, BBC Sport and WWE UK.

Corey Erdman, boxing commentator, took to Twitter to say, “This is amazing. Nicola Adams gets her own Barbie doll. A black, gay, female boxer is Barbie.”

Nicola Adam Barbie Doll


Google’s women-made apps and games

For International Women’s Day, Google revealed some of the female developers they have worked with on their mobile apps and games.

If you go to the Google Play homepage, you can click onto a page that showcases all apps and games made by inspiring women and it has had a great response from users.

This is just one of the many things that Google have done to celebrate women this week – they also recreated their homepage with mini stories celebrating women and Google Trends highlighted how equality is becoming closer to reality. You can see more here.

Google's International Women's Day


McDonald’s flips its golden arches

There have been many mixed reactions to McDonald’s latest campaign for International Women’s Day. The company decided to flip the famous gold ‘M’ arch so that it looked like a ‘W’ instead. This was all in aid of women and a statement to show that the brand supports women all over the world.

However, some took to Twitter to have their say about the campaign:

Most of the traction came from Americans who thought that instead of creating a PR stunt to show the support of women, McDonald’s should support their employees in the workplace by increasing wages in America.

What do you think of the McDonald’s campaign?

McDonald's International Women's Day campaign

The most equal country is…

Spot A Home has created an asset that shows which countries and cities in Europe are the best when it comes to equality. They have categorised data including gender pay gap, LGBTI friendliness and women in politics to rank the best places to live if equality is something you look for when moving somewhere new.

Ranking number 1, is Norway, with an equality index of 8.53, The UK ranks 13th with 7.33.

This campaign is a great example of how to use data in an online asset. It fits in nicely with International Women’s Day and shows exactly how the world is changing to be a more equal place.

Spot A Home equal pay asset


Brewdog’s Pink IPA

Finally, sticking to the theme of equality, we have Brewdog’s latest PR campaign. For the whole of march, they have changed their signature ‘Punk IPA’ beer into ‘Pink IPA’ to celebrate equality across the country.

At first glance, many people thought the brand were being hypocritical by making the new label pink and joining in with the sexism stereotype. It received a mixed bag of reactions on Twitter.

Tweet about Brewdog's pink beer

But Brewdog’s actual intentions were to create a campaign that makes a statement about equality. The tag line for Pink IPA is: “This is not ‘beer for girls’. This is beer for equality.” This is the reason why many people are also supporting the campaign.

Positive tweet about Brewdog's pink IPA

Brewdog's pink IPA


Which side are you on? Do you think this campaign works or are you not a fan? We would love to hear your thoughts on all of our five favourite PR campaigns this week, get in touch with us on twitter.