PR round up celebrating Yorkshire Day and women

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  • August 4, 2017
Audrey Maffre

Audrey Maffre

Digital PR Executive

Every week we present you with a new set of campaigns but today is special because at the beginning of the month (yes, it’s already August!), we celebrated Yorkshire Day. Both in the office (with flags and regional treats) and beyond, the North was in full celebration-mode.

Grab your cup of Yorkshire Tea or a Tetley (we don’t judge) and discover some of our favourite stunts of the week.

Yorkshire pudding in space

What’s more Yorkshire than a Yorkshire pudding on Yorkshire Day? Answer: a Yorkshire pudding in outer space!

Heart Yorkshire radio station, obviously very proud of their home county, set up an “out-of-this-world” stunt by sending the first Yorkshire pudding 30 kilometres away from the Earth.

Before take-off, the radio station introduced a competition to their listeners in which the winner would have their picture accompany the pudding’s intergalactic adventure.

Heart radio station Yokshire pud PR campagin

Leanne Kitching, the winner, couldn’t be prouder to be the first Yorkshire lass in space.

Yorkshire treats for a good cause

Thomas the Baker, a bakery with roots in North Yorkshire, took advantage of the Yorkshire Day festivities for a good cause: raising money for The Alzheimer’s Society.

The family business made and sold cupcakes decorated with the White Rose (Yorkshire’s emblem) from 1st-3rd of August and donated 50p to the charity for every cupcake sold.

Thomas the Baker's charity baking

Tax-free tampons

Because sanitary products are still considered as “luxuries” by the government, pads and tampons have a price tag 5% more expensive than what they could be, due to taxes.

Tesco decided it was about time someone did something. The retailer is the first to pay tax on sanitary products for customers, therefore making the products 5% cheaper.

It might not seem like a lot, but it’s about more than the money. The change in mentality is what counts here: a small step for Tesco but big step for females in the UK.

Bras for cancer survivors

With breast cancer being a huge concern for women, a US-based company called Athleta have developed the Empower Bra. Launching next month, it’s specifically designed for women who have had breast surgery, as the material is very soft on the skin.

Bra for cancer survivors

Athleta is donating 12% of the bra proceedings to a rowing club for breast cancer survivors, Recovery on Water.

Shopping Men-nequin

Who doesn’t love a pop-up? Especially when it comes with a complementary glass of prosecco and single men!'s 3D printed male model has made single women’s “men-shopping” experience a lot more interesting this week. Their ‘Model Males’ pop-up in London will feature 3D-printed models of members of the online dating site. Women can browse around and check out the miniature-sized British bachelors, reading the box to find out their name, age, occupation, and best qualities.

Should they wish to take things further, the shoppers just need to follow the link on the model’s packaging.

Despite being received with mixed-feelings, the campaign has had successful coverage and the event could be rolled out across the UK.

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