PR roundup: most covered campaigns this week

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  • September 8, 2017
Rebecca Hayler

Rebecca Hayler

PR Executive

In this week’s roundup, we’re looking at new innovative designs for trainers, how Chester Zoo is helping families connect, and a scary campaign in Sydney. Though they vary in subject and execution, all of these campaigns have received a lot of coverage in the news – we discuss why they have been successful.

Adidas, beer, and vomit free trainers

Adidas Trainers

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Adidas is always one step ahead of other brands when it comes to ideas, which is what makes their new, outrageous trainers a brilliant creation.

They have produced the very first trainer that is vomit and beer resistant. Yes, you have read that correctly. They have brought out trainers that will survive a night out without getting too dirty. This cleverly comes in time for Oktoberfest in Germany, and makes a great marketing story.

The trainer has been named ‘The Munchen’ and will cost you £159.95, but you will receive a free beer mug to go along with it.

Adidas either really like Oktoberfest and wanted to get involved in any way they could, or they have been extremely clever in trying something new!

IT and clever guerrilla marketing

IT move guerrilla marketing tweet

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Across Sydney over the past few days, people have been intrigued by red balloons that have been popping up everywhere. The balloons are attached to drains and the reason behind it is creative PR.

IT, based on the famous Stephen King novel, is coming out soon. To promote the release, balloons have popped up across the city, with mysterious text written next to them: “It is closer than you think. #ITMOVIE in cinemas September 7.”

It’s just enough of a teaser to make people wonder what it’s about, prompting them to go on the hashtag to find out more. The balloons have also had a lot of social coverage, and the marketing has definitely worked to get people talking about the movie, and potentially go to see it.

Peaky Blinders bar in Devon

Peaky Blinders

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On the 16th September, a Peaky Blinders bar is opening in Devon. It will emulate the hit series’ 1920s feel, with art deco features and waiters and waitresses in outfits inspired by the decade. To celebrate the opening of the bar, everyone who wears a flat cap gets a free shot.

This Peaky Blinders bar is sure to attract even more people to visit the scenic region, and locals will be able to head out and enjoy an ale or whiskey from a bygone era.

It will be interesting to see how many customers turn up for the launch for 16th September – if you’re nearby, head down and let us know what it’s like!

Chester Zoos’ family sleepover

Chesters Zoo's family sleepover

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To support the Wildlife Connections project, Chester Zoo is hosting a family sleepover on Saturday, September 16. The project is aimed at creating a safe place for precious local wildlife, so it was only fitting to celebrate the opening with families in a similar way!

They have an itinerary for people who want to stay in the zoo, filled with family fun activities to do with the animals. It’s a campaign that fits perfectly with the zoo’s family-centric ethos and conservational message.

You can only stay here with family though, so if you want to go, you have to bring everyone along!

Play Like Mum, celebrating mums across the world

Mum playing with daughter

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Play Like Mum, who make toys prams for children, wanted people around the world to celebrate mothers and everything they do. They commissioned people from 56 countries to post a photo of their mum and share a short summary of why they appreciate her.

They received photos from Armenia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Jamaica, and many more, featuring them in a lovely campaign to celebrate mums around the world.

Not only is it nice to see different pictures of mothers from across the world, but the press has given it a lot of coverage due to the heart-warming angle.

Last week our favourite PR campaigns included a gin advent calendar, a try before you buy campaign from IKEA and a #DreamBigPrincess photo campaign from Disney.