PR success for IKEA, The Post Office and Domino’s this week

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  • September 29, 2017
Beth Hibbert

Beth Hibbert

Digital PR Strategist

Earning brand coverage in the news can be challenging but by bringing something new and creative to the table, it becomes much easier to get journalists and their readers to pay attention to your story. We’ve looked at the brands that have done just that over this past week, featuring my personal favourite from IKEA.

IKEA – The Wonderful Everyday Tour

To celebrate the launch of IKEA’s latest store opening in Sheffield, the furniture company has been spreading the news through a series of stunts in September. From an interior makeover of the city’s famous Supertrams, to free hot dog giveaways, and even an art gallery takeover in one of the city’s walkways.

The Swedish retailer didn’t stop there though, a giant falcon made out of Allen keys and what is being called a ‘cushion drop’ have made sure that IKEA has achieved almost daily coverage in and around the Sheffield area, leading to over 1,000 people queueing up outside the store for its opening on 28th September. Check out “The Wonderful Everyday Tour” schedule for more information on the campaign.

Post Office – Travel in Real Time

Not everything will always go to plan when travelling, which is why travel insurance is so important. A new tool from the Post Office aims to highlight this by showing data around ‘travel in real time’, including figures such as how many UK residents are travelling uninsured, the cost to Brits replacing their passports, and even how many transfer bags are currently being mishandled.

We all know that these mishaps can happen but seeing the figures in real time is eye opening to say the least. The brand plays on the shock value of the data to get the user’s attention and though it has done this with facts and figures that already exist they have displayed it in a new and interesting way.

Hurts Donuts – “Wanna hurts donut?”

Clowns seem to be everywhere recently, and not the hilarious ones you remember from your childhood. This week, Hurts Donuts carried out a two-day special delivery service where customers could prank their friends by sending doughnuts delivered by a terrifying clown.

It might be a little early for Halloween stunts but with the release of horror film IT and the current clown trend, this stunt has really caught media attention, gaining coverage both in the US and overseas.

According to The Metro, the Hurts Donut co-owner said: “We always try to keep up with the trends, and clowns are trending right now… It’s getting close to Halloween, so we just wanted to spice it up a little bit and do a super fun delivery. We just love scary clowns.”

Coco Gelato – “The world’s most extravagant treat”

In another dessert-themed campaign, Cardiff-based ice cream parlour Coco Gelato has created a sundae that contains a whopping 3,845 calories. Named The Roman Empire, the creation goes above and beyond what others have made and gained coverage on sites such as The Mirror, Daily Mail, and Business Insider.

According to the Mirror Online, the creator of the dessert said: “The Roman Empire can come in many forms, but there’s one rule: it has to look amazing.”

Whether this dessert makes you feel hungry, or is gives you toothache just looking at it, this works because it causes a reaction in the reader.

You can also find the dessert featured as part of Desserts around the World, a campaign from travel agent Thomson Lakes & Mountains that showed treats from around the world with the highest calories and included extravagant treats you can devour in Thailand, Croatia, and Singapore.

Domino’s – The Food of Everything

Ever thought to yourself, ‘I wish Domino’s did gift cards’? Us neither, but if free pizza is involved then why not? This month, Domino’s launched a new range of gift cards to celebrate that pizza is the food for every occasion. Its limited edition range of cards include 20 designs, each representing an “official food of…” moment.

Messages on the cards included: ‘The Official Food Of Becoming A Grown Up’ (for celebrating a new home), ‘The Official Food Of Nights In With The Fam’ (for pizza night with family), and ‘The Official Food Of We Never Liked Them Anyway’ (for break-ups).

‘The Food of Everything’ is a clever strap line that the brand will be able to take forward and build upon.