Prediction: Google Chrome Will Be Bigger Than Firefox by Christmas

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  • September 2, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

This might seem like a very bold prediction but I think that by Christmas Google Chrome could have a larger share of the UK browser market than Firefox.

Google Chrome vs FirefoxHere in the UK Google IS the Internet. They have a 90% market share of search and is probably set as more peoples homepage than any other website.

Despite being a blog about SEO (which as an industry traditionally has a lot of Firefox users) the stats for BlogStorm make depressing reading for Mozilla. In the last month Firefox accounted for just 36% of the visitors.

If Google was to put a link on their homepage giving users an incentive to download Google Chrome then they would get millions of downloads every week. Incentives such as “Get faster Gmail access”, “Get more Gmail storage” would be enough to tempt most Gmail users. Other services such as “Faster YouTube uploads and video access with Google Chrome” would tempt most YouTube users.

How about having integrated Google Drive support so your browser becomes a file storage system accessible from any PC? I’d download it for that feature alone.

Google has the audience and the loyalty to do this, all they need now is to deliver on the product.

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