Proof that buying links works

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  • April 22, 2008

Dave posted earlier today about how was selling some high PageRank links. I’ve been looking deeper into the issue and it seems the links are working very well.

If you check out the people buying links at the bottom of the homepage and then do some searches on for the terms they are targeting such as “loans”, “car insurance” and “travel insurance” you can see the sites that have links from are doing very well, much better than they were doing a few weeks ago.

Most people think you need millions of links to compete for a keyword such as “loans”. In this case it seems like a paid link from a PR8 site will do the job just fine.

My only concern is that this is pretty much a “who’s who” of link buyers that Google could use to hand out penalties. However Google is quite clearly turning a blind eye to link buyers in the UK so it looks like these sites will reap the benefits for a good few months.

Patrick Altoft

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