Revealing a competitor’s long tail SEO success

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  • October 7, 2009
Dixon Jones

Dixon Jones

One of the many misconceptions of “Page Rank” is that it refers to a website. In fact it refers to a single page. It is entirely possible for an inner page to rank for a big term, but it was much harder to get decent back-link data for an internal URL until the birth of the Link Intelligence industry. Now those barriers to understanding are starting to fall. This post is about analyzing back links of inner pages.

How do you find out what PAGES are pulling rank on competitor’s website?

If you know what phrase you are chasing in the search engines, then it is easy to see who you are trying to beat. But how do you find out what nuggets your competitor has found, that you did not even know existed? Typically, these golden long tail terms are sending traffic to an inner page.

Any analysis of the home page will miss out on this understanding. I thought I would use my first Blogstorm article to show you just how easy it is to see what pages are getting to the top of Google and under search conditions. Let’s take itself. Of course, the strongest link text will be it’s brand. But when we use Majesticseo’s Link Intelligence Tool to look at the top anchors for the whole domain, I see some interesting anchor text from referring domains:

top-anhors(Above: Blogstorm’s strongest External Link Anchor text. Source: majesticseo)

Here from the MajesticSEO summary panel I can see that Patrick once wrote an article on how to launch a website. A quick check on Google confirms that Blogstorm is number 1 on Google for the phrase “launching a website”.

What’s more – the link is to an inner page which is highly targeted.  Of course, being written by Patrick Altoft, it links to his web design and development company.


So – before I started this article, I knew very little about Blogstorm. Now I know that they are number 1 on Google for a term that is highly targeted to their business.

The article was strong enough to get external backlinks with good anchor text. If I wanted more data, I could go through several thousand anchors, building up a good picture as to how and where Blogstorm was scoring on organic traffic.

Dixon Jones.

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