Revealing a competitor’s long tail SEO success

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  • October 7, 2009

One of the many misconceptions of “Page Rank” is that it refers to a website. In fact it refers to a single page. It is entirely possible for an inner page to rank for a big term, but it was much harder to get decent back-link data for an internal URL until the birth of the Link Intelligence industry. Now those barriers to understanding are starting to fall. This post is about analyzing back links of inner pages.

How do you find out what PAGES are pulling rank on competitor’s website?

If you know what phrase you are chasing in the search engines, then it is easy to see who you are trying to beat. But how do you find out what nuggets your competitor has found, that you did not even know existed? Typically, these golden long tail terms are sending traffic to an inner page.

Any analysis of the home page will miss out on this understanding. I thought I would use my first Blogstorm article to show you just how easy it is to see what pages are getting to the top of Google and under search conditions. Let’s take itself. Of course, the strongest link text will be it’s brand. But when we use Majesticseo’s Link Intelligence Tool to look at the top anchors for the whole domain, I see some interesting anchor text from referring domains:

top-anhors(Above: Blogstorm’s strongest External Link Anchor text. Source: majesticseo)

Here from the MajesticSEO summary panel I can see that Patrick once wrote an article on how to launch a website. A quick check on Google confirms that Blogstorm is number 1 on Google for the phrase “launching a website”.

What’s more – the link is to an inner page which is highly targeted.  Of course, being written by Patrick Altoft, it links to his web design and development company.


So – before I started this article, I knew very little about Blogstorm. Now I know that they are number 1 on Google for a term that is highly targeted to their business.

The article was strong enough to get external backlinks with good anchor text. If I wanted more data, I could go through several thousand anchors, building up a good picture as to how and where Blogstorm was scoring on organic traffic.

Dixon Jones.

Dixon Jones

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  • Janusz

    Hey Dixon,

    When I see MajesticSEO I always think of unused potential – you have such a great technology but so confusing website – especially pricing, credits etc. Are you guys going to make it more easy to understand how much the service costs? :)

    Thumbs up,


  • Gareth James

    Using this type of software is also good for determining if a competitor is having success with a blog in a particular industry, and if its worth your client starting a blog.

  • tag44

    Thanks for the post Dixon and for sharing the wonderful link of checking backlinks, it really awesome.

  • Dixon Jones

    Hi Janusz:

    Yep – we absolutely agree. The current “pricing” is really hard to understand, because you think in terms of “sites” and the credit system is trying to think in terms of computer iterations. That’s as clear as mud – although currently pretty darn inexpensive as long as you don’t try to analyze amazon’s backlinks.

    We DO have a solution which we are working on now. Obviously can’t announce anything in a comment post, but I appreciate what you say and we are on the job! :)

  • Hypotheekadvies Deventer

    Oke,.. I looked up majesticseo. I can see what links are coming in on any site in the world by using What’s so good about majestico?

    As most webmasters I’ll rather use the free website if I want to now quickly.

    I’m sorry. Most of the time I blog and give response in a positive way but..

    This is writing an article just for the writing

  • Matthew Oxley


    The thing about Blogstorm though is that it’s a popular blog – this massively increases the likelehood of it having both links to subpages, and lots of unique anchors.

    Many commercial retail sites will be harder to analyse using this methodology – they will get long tail traffic (that I’d be interested to find out about), but this will likely be through a combination of on page relevance and Internal pagerank. Currently Hitwise is the best tool for this that I kn0w, even though I dislike it’s lack of accuracy.

    Now, if you were able to do an equivilent of SEOmoz’s mozrank to create a report which identified all the strongest subpages, with a list of the phrases they appear to be targeted at, that would be truly amazing 😉

  • Phil Dunseath


    How would you rate the majesticseo tool against others you have used or are aware of in the industry?



  • Stephen Webb

    Being relatively new to the world of search engine optimisation I am continually discovering more and more aspect to the subject. The world of Google ranking seems particularly complex considering all the factors that contribute to a websites page position.

    After reading this I believe I’m starting to gain an understanding of using anchor text, and analysing backlinks to sites. Majesticseo’s Link Intelligence Tool appears to be an essential program for doing this, so I will be looking at getting this soon. Thanks for another excellent article!

  • Finch Sells

    Sounds like a pretty decent tool. Will check it out.

    To be honest though, I’ve almost stopped caring how Google decides to rank me. My blog receives a ton of traffic from word of mouth buzz which is definitely something I’d rather have than a Google #1 listing.

    I’m with Matthew on the mozrank point though. That’d be gold.

  • Dixon Jones

    Matthew & Finch, we have ACRank, but this does not use all the quality factors that you would want. However… Since we give it all to you on a plate, you could develop your own quality factors.

    Excel is an SEO’s best friend! :)

    Improving ACRank is on the list of things to improve.

  • Get Targeted Traffic

    Honestly speaking, it would be great if you can purchase it as a service for a month/year rather than topping up credits.

  • Justin Robinson

    Great information & worth the read, this is always going to be a complex topic & never easy, but this is what makes it what it is. I’m sure constant work & a clear goal always pay off.

  • Alenburke

    Hey everyone, I posted a review of MajesticSEO highlighting it’s strengths and weaknesses.

    I’m actually planning on building the MozRank + MajesticSEO mashup in the near future.

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  • Six19 Creative SEO

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