Rising trend of video ads for small businesses

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  • January 22, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

CNN Money has an interesting article today about a company in the US producing video adverts for small companies who want exposure on sites like YouTube and anywhere else that accepts video adverts.

The cost is quite low at $1000 and the whole advert is shot and produced within a day. Apparently one restaurant received 300 extra customers from the advert in a few months.

With Google pushing video ads via AdWords and the popularity of YouTube at an all time high I wonder how long it takes for agencies in the UK to team up with video production studios to offer online video advertising starter packs?

TurnHere is fast becoming the first choice for local businesses around the country that want to show off their wares in a quick online movie, but have no idea how to make it look professional. Analysts say spending in this niche is set to explode. By producing videos as fast as it can, TurnHere is already cashing in.

“Our market is the 70 million Web pages out there,” says Inman, 56. “They can all use video.”

TurnHere isn’t shy about telling clients exactly what should be in their videos, either – as Antoine’s found out. “I thought I knew what I wanted,” says Wendy Chatelain, the family-owned restaurant’s head of sales and marketing. She lined up one of her waiters to record a sound bite and listed the signature dishes she wanted to show off. But TurnHere’s producer-cameraman made the waiter into the star and narrator of the video and filmed the restaurant’s flaming Baked Alaska, which wasn’t on Chatelain’s list. “It was great,” she says of the end result.

Best of all, TurnHere shot, edited and uploaded the one-minute ad for a mere $1,000, and the spot attracted 300 new customers to the restaurant in its first month online.

Edit 10/01/16 by Stephen Kenwright – If you’re reading this now you’ll probably know that it didn’t take long for agencies to start doing this. Since around 2013 Branded3 has doing everything from YouTube preroll to social advertising using video.

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