A royal announcement, Re:scam, and reinventing cover songs: Our favourite PR campaigns this week

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  • April 13, 2018
Beth Hibbert

Beth Hibbert

Digital PR Strategist

Powerful PR campaigns come in many forms, and though not every brand has as much PR clout as Britain’s Royal family, a creative angle or inspiring story can still catch the media’s attention, despite how loud the Royal buzz may be.

We’ve taken a look at some of the brands that have managed to make headlines and gain coverage this week alongside huge stories like the royal wedding.

Shoebox Britain: Are Britain’s homes getting smaller?

Britain’s housing crisis is a much-covered topic across national media, with the focus usually on the struggles of first time buyers and unattainable London property prices. However, building control and warranty provider LABC Warranty has brought a new angle to the debate.

It has analysed blueprint data that goes as far back as the 1930s and found that the average home has decreased in size. This information has been displayed creatively as housing floor plans, which journalists can include in their coverage, alongside charts and graphs for more analytical readers.

Straying away from predictable topics that have saturated the newspapers, this campaign provides a fresh angle that has cut through journalists’ inboxes.

Re:scam: The time wasting tech

Netsafe and DDB New Zealand have teamed up in a battle against online scammers. Netsafe is an independent, non-profit organisation that tackles online safety. In a forward-thinking move, it has created an AI email assistant that responds to scammers, turning the tables on them and wasting their time until they give up.

Users no longer need to spend time dealing with scams – they can simply forward the message to Re:scam and let AI do its thing! The interactive tool is a really clever and creative way to raise awareness for the campaign and help deal with online scammers in an unexpected way.

The Royal Wedding – Choosing the public over politicians

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding has consistently made the headlines since their engagement was announced back in November. They’ve let go of some long standing royal wedding traditions, which has been widely covered by the media, and their latest decision has created some really positive PR for the couple.

Instead of inviting politicians and diplomats, the young couple have sent invites to 1,200 members of the public. Each person who has been invited has been chosen because of their contributions to their communities and their inspiring stories.

Favourite songs – Reimagined as novels

We’ve heard hundreds of cover versions of classic songs through the years but The Online Pen Company has put a twist on this by reimagining popular songs in the form of actual book covers.

This visual campaign aims to highlight the power of words and how song lyrics can meaningfully tell a story if you stop to listen carefully enough. The brand has focused on hits like Michael Jackson’s’ Thriller’, showing how the Halloween classic tells a spooky tale, whereas the beat and dance moves associated with the song have made it into a party anthem.

You can view all six covers on their site.

March for our lives – “Shot with AR-15”

One final campaign we wanted to mention this week is a powerful awareness piece by Visual Arts students Ji Kim and Andy Koo. In support of the March for Our Lives event, the pair created images resembling the Apple ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign and positioned them around New York City.

Instead of stunning views though, the images displayed tragic scenes of gun violence from around the USA, with the caption ‘Shot with AR-15’.

The artists told AdAge: “We thought about what would be the most powerful way to raise awareness about this issue, and Apple’s iconic ‘Shot on iPhone’ came up in my head, because the word ‘shot’ has two different meanings.

“We thought it was ridiculous that AR-15 was used in most of the recent mass shootings in the United States. And AR-15 was initially developed as a weapon of war, not for home or personal protection.”

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