‘Run for your bun’, a braille billboard, and Glamour goes Photoshop-free

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  • January 6, 2017
Kristina Semonella

Kristina Semonella

Digital PR Executive

Firstly, Happy New Year and welcome to Branded3’s first PR round-up of 2017!

We’ve seen some fantastic campaigns over the past week, and we’re excited to share some of our favourites with you.

David Lloyd – Run For Your Bun

Fancy paying for your meals with calories? Well now you can thanks to David Lloyd Leisure Centre!

They’re offering members the unique opportunity to earn their food in exchange of working up a sweat. Members will have to perform a high intensity, 10-minute interval on the exercise machines, which has been created by the personal trainers at David Lloyd.

The café, which is named ‘Run For Your Bun’, is part of a scheme to highlight the fact that food plays a large role in maintaining a balanced diet. It will be opening for three lunchtimes from January 11th – 13th.

Run for your Bun

Oxfam – VR Technology

Oxfam have begun using Samsung VR headsets to give their customers a clear insight of how the charity spends its donations.

When customers put on the VR headset along with a pair of headphones, they are immersed into an experience that truly allows them to understand the severity of the devastation that is currently happening around the world – in the hope of increasing donations.

For example, one of the VR experiences available to view is set in Bashir, Iraq, and aims to provide a sense of the true extent of the devastation in this particular area.


Royal Caribbean International – ‘Best Job In The World’

Hands up if you fancy getting paid to go on holiday and post on Instagram all day!

And no, I’m not kidding. It may seem like it’s too good to be true, but Royal Caribbean International is in fact looking for someone to join their team whose job role will simply be to document their travels on three different cruises over a three-week internship.

If you fancy applying for the extraordinary job role, you need to pop onto your Instagram profile,  post your best travel picture, and tag @RoyalCaribbeanUK with the hashtag #ExtraordinaryExplorer.

Maltesers – Braille Billboard

As the confectionary brand continues its efforts to better represent disability in the media, Maltesers came up with a brilliant way to mark World Braille Day (4th January) – by creating a one-off braille billboard in London. The poster is made entirely of braille (a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired), with the dots formed of model-made Maltesers.

A simple, yet incredibly effective idea.


Glamour Magazine goes Photoshop-free

It’s been revealed that Glamour Magazine has decided to ditch Photoshop for its February edition, and it’s the first ever issue to be completely produced by women!

From photographers to makeup artists – everyone who contributed to the issue is a woman.

I think this marks a memorable moment for the popular magazine, and it will be interesting to see whether any other publications follow suit.

When they let you rock that Fenty gear with only a bra… Surreal sleepover [email protected]

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