Safari Not Far From Being The Largest Browser

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  • November 27, 2012
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

A new study by Monetate shows just how far Safari has caught up with other browsers thanks to the rise of iPhone and iPad use. Our figures for the UK market are not quite as dramatic as the US study but they still show Safari ahead of Chrome and growing quickly.

I always find it amazing how many sites don’t work properly in Safari or on the iPhone/iPad and there are lots of well known sites where you just can’t use them. Sites with ajax sliders are usually terrible on the iPhone – when was the last time people checked their conversion rates in different browsers?

Data from some of our clients is below:

The chart below shows Stacounter figures but these don’t tally with what we see or with what the study at the bottom of the post shows.

Below we can see the results for US sites both for conversion rates and browser market share. Sites simply have to have a version that works in all browsers because otherwise you are losing a huge amount of potential revenue. This Christmas with people buying more tablets of all shapes and sizes the market is going to get even more confused making a good responsive design a must have next year.

Very interesting to see conversion rates on tablets not far behind traditional PC’s.