The secret to hitting the Digg front page

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  • August 18, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Despite the compelling title this post might be a little disappointing to some of you.

This last week saw 3 posts from BlogStorm hitting the Digg front page so I wanted to share exactly how this happened.

The first post, about the history of Digg, was created because I have been a Digg user for over a year and I have a personal interest in Digg. Using some coding skills and the Digg API I was able to find out some information that nobody else had ever written about. The Digg community liked this so much that it hit the homepage within 2 hours when most stories take 10 to 24 hours to go popular.

While the first story was on the way to the homepage one of the top 10 diggers visited the site and spotted another story about MSN Live Search. This particular digger has a success rate of about 45% so whatever he submits has a very strong chance of becoming popular.

The final story about the first photos people take with a new camera was such a good one that it once again went popular in 2 hours and sent 50,000 uniques in the 2 hours after hitting the front page.

The second story sent around one fifth of the traffic of the first and third stories. Thanks to Vin at PPC Agency for the tip!

Luckily I was using my reputation monitoring tools and spotted the digg stories as soon as they were submitted so I could give them a digg myself.

As you can see there is no secret to this, just create remarkable content and you will attract links and votes on social networks.