Secrets, Topshop and YouTube’s anniversary

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  • May 29, 2015
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

    So, it’s that time of the week again where we’ve sat down and discussed our top five PR campaigns of the past seven days. This week has been full of fun and quirky ideas left, right and centre, so it’s been really hard to narrow it down, but here goes….

    The A-Z of YouTube: #HappyBirthdayYouTube

    To celebrate their 10th anniversary, YouTube created this really fun video along with an interactive infographic and quiz. They picked the 20 most iconic ads on YouTube since 2005 to compile in a really fun video, shown below.

    We thought this was a really great way to celebrate 10 years of YouTube, really embodying the brand itself.


    Topshop: Oxford Circus Playland

    Everyone knows that Topshop, Oxford Street is known as The Fashion Playground. This week, they have really taken this to the next level by turning their flagship store into just that, a playground!

    There’s the chance to bring home a load of really good freebies such as shopping sprees up to the value of £500 and beauty products.  In-store, you’ll find classic arcade games like Ms Pacman and the Penny Pusher; while you can also reveal your fashion fortune with Topshop’s very own Zoltar machine.

    We all thought this was such a fun campaign from Topshop and, again, it’s really on-brand. Our team in Leeds are very jealous of our colleagues in the London office right now (the store is just around the corner).

    Topshop image



    The Nobody’s Children Foundation: Secret

    This campaign is really full of enigma and we absolutely loved it. The foundation basically got a group of people inside a cinema which was covered in screens that displayed the word ‘secret’. They were all then given a sweet, which some of them posed with and all enjoyed.

    They were then showed a video which at first seemed very innocent, then showed a child after being abused by a strange man, who then said “don’t worry, it’ll be our secret”. For some, childhood memories ae not so sweet.

    We thought this campaign used enigma codes and emotive shock tactics really well to engage with the audience.

    boohoo- Style for Stroke

    boohoo have teamed up with The Stroke Association and award-winning fashion and style PR expert Nick Ede to create the campaign Style for Stroke. They have brought together the glamourous worlds of style, celebrity and fashion to help raise as much money and awareness for the charity as possible.

    They have worked with some of the biggest social media stars and vloggers from Zoella to Singer Tallia Storm to produce their own T-Shirts to sell on the boohoo site. We all thought this was a great campaign to put themselves at the centre of the online conversation with both high-authority bloggers and vloggers, but also smaller lifestyle and fashion bloggers.

    Thalys- Interactive sound billboards

    European train operator Thalys created interactive sound billboards of Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam across Europe to encourage people to visit different places. These included sound ports which allowed pedestrians to plug in their headphones and hear different sounds from those regions.

    We absolutely loved this campaign; it was so creative and billboards seem to be a really good way of communicating to a mass audience these days.