Secure Server Online Backup for WordPress

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  • February 17, 2010
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

We use WordPress a lot whenever we are building non-ecommerce sites for clients. It’s a perfect CMS for anybody who wants a mixture of pages and news and the latest versions are really user friendly.

One of our web design clients does online backup for large companies, financial institutions and the UK government and they have just released an Online Backup for WordPress plugin which backs up all your blog data to their secure servers (mirrored across two datacentres in the UK). Bloggers get 50MB of space for free and when you run out of space the older backups get deleted to make way for new ones.

Online Backup for WordPress

Losing data from your blog is a disaster waiting to happen and anybody who is using WordPress simply has to have some kind of backup solution in place. Relying on your web host isn’t a wise solution unless you are specifically paying them a lot of money for a backup system.

The plugin only launched today so if you have any feedback or suggestions please post in the comments over on the plugin page. If you have any clients with WordPress sites please get them using the plugin too.

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