SEO Analysis of the 5 Dragons Den Entrepreneurs

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  • November 20, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

The Dragons Den Dragons are some of the most famous business people in Britain and invest regularly in Internet companies. Let’s take a look at how their own websites feature on Google.

Dragons Den

First up is Peter Jones who doesn’t rank first for his own name. Not only does the top result have site links but they also have the words “Dragons Den” in the snippet whereas Peter just has a list of items from the menu, I’m guessing the top result gets the lions share of the traffic.

This could be fixed easily by creating a more targeted meta description and altering the title tag to “Peter Jones Official Website as seen on Dragons Den”.

Peter Jones

Next on the list and somebody who really needs some SEO advice is James Caan. His website is being indexed twice and the top listing is a sub domain of the CMS he uses. The real site is indexed as well giving him some duplicate content issues. James would also be wise to alter the 5th listing from his company site to include his name in the title tag, this would push it up to second place and move the actor James Caan’s IMDB listing down a bit.

James Caan

Deborah Meaden leaves searchers in no doubt which result to click on by including the words “Official” and “Dragon’s Den Millionairess” in the title, unfortunately she also has the same title on all her other pages as well. The only other issue is with this page which offers the same content as the homepage.

Deborah Meaden

Duncan Bannatyne also has title tag issues with most of his pages having the same title, including this one which would probably rank first otherwise. Including a decent title and meta description on his profile page would give Duncan a lot more clicks.

Since Duncan is the only Dragon to have his profile on his company site it should be a priority to sort out the title tags on his gym pages.

Duncan Bannatyne

Finally we come to Theo Paphitis who totally rules the search results with 8 site links and a second listing to his Tips page. He even has positive results for the third and fourth listings so no reputation management needed here at all unless he wants to take issue with Kieron in 5th place.

Theo Paphitis

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