Useless SEO bloggers who can’t even rank first for their own name

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  • December 17, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Dave is trying to rank for the term “Dave” on Google and I thought it would be interesting to see where all the other blogs I read ranked for their owners names on Google. Surprisingly most of them were nowhere to be seen but some had first page rankings and a couple even stole the top spot.


Patrick5th of 167,000,000 results (keywords not in title tag)

Dave2nd or 287,000,000 results (keyword in title tag)

Rand5th of 67,900,000 results (keyword in title tag)

Matt3rd out of 164,000,000 results (keywords in title tag)

Joost22nd out of just 6,260,000 results thanks to a TV station

Loren9th out of 13,800,000 results.

Jennifer7th out of 147,000,000 results.

Darren4th out of 28,200,000

Jeremy8th out of 64,400,000 results

Maki6th out of 1,590,000 results

Aaron3rd out of 72,600,000 results

Keemo3rd out of 96,100

Andy16th out of 137,000,000 results


Vanessa1st out of 49,400,000 results

Danny1st out of 76,600,000 results.

In a beautiful piece of irony both Larry & Sergey are pushed from the top spot by Wikipedia entries.

Where do you rank for your first name? Drop a link in the comments and I will add you to the list.

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