SEO spammers are starting to sound credible

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  • November 12, 2012
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Over the weekend I got the usual few dozen spam emails from foreign SEO companies wanting to do some SEO for us. If the emails make it past our spam filter I sometimes read them just to see what they are saying.

Recently I’ve seen these emails starting to sound more and more legitimate and it’s reached the stage where the only thing that a layman would notice is the fact the language isn’t native English and they are emailing from a gmail address most of the time.

The email below talks about all the same things that an SEO agency might talk about in a pitch from domain authority to anchor text variation and even link strategies that are Penguin safe – the difference is that if you were to hire the agency below you will get a definite penalty from Google.

One interesting (and very common) misconception is the one explaining that Penguin causes traffic to drop because sites linking to you were hit by Penguin. This isn’t correct at all – Penguin didn’t devalue links it just penalised sites that had been engaging in overly aggressive optimisation tactics.

They even talk about measuring domain authority using Open Site Explorer which is great apart from the bit where they want to build links on DA 15+ sites which is pretty low.

Our advice is to always ignore emails like this and never work with a company unless you are 100% sure they are reputable. Most of the penalties Google has handed out recently are due to people outsourcing their link-building to spammy companies outside the UK.


With frequent search engine algorithm updates like Panda, penguin in Google,link building has become even more critical.But we can use effective ways of creating authority links for enhanced link building results

Ranking or Traffic drop in the webmaster tools graph is not due to the penalty sometimes but rather due to value of links which were being or has been discounted.

This is why Google has begun saying that Penguin isn’t a penalty but rather just an algorithmic change,where the algorithm is detecting low quality links or votes and not counting them. If you were a site with a lot of low links or votes, then you’re going to be hit harder than sites that have only a few of them among all the legitimate ones.

“Put your focus on building good quality links rather than trying to fix all of your crappy ones. Eventually, you’ll have a higher ratio, and you’ll get rewarded”

Link building criteria we follow to avoid spammy tactics that can be harmful after panda and penguin
• Domain Authority
After Google Penguin update, to build high quality authority links, we have made a database of quality websites for linking and all sites has been added with checking domain authority from
• Anchor Text variation
You can use the Junk Anchor text for link if required.After latest Google updates, you should try building your link profile with Junk/universal anchors, Naked URLs, and Branded Anchors texts.

We are offering Post Penguin Services to gain high quality links to your web site, All our packages are based to submit in sites which have Domain Authority of 15+ in

So if you would be interested please email me back. I will send you some packages along with price.

Hope to have a positive response soon from you

Thanks and Regards,

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