#SettleTheBeef, Ramsay Street and Twitter-powered vending machines

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  • August 28, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

Dog-days are (almost) over, but a number of brands did not stop coming up with some very fresh and innovative campaigns over the course of the past week. Here is a selection of our favourite ones that we’re about to share with you. Enjoy!

Burger King v McDonald’s: A missed chance to #SettleTheBeef

A couple of days ago, fast-food giant Burger King sent an open letter to arch-rival McDonald’s with an offer they could not refuse: a one-day truce for World Peace Day under the hashtag #SettleTheBeef. The idea was to join forces (and saturated fats) and create a signature McWhopper, which would have been served in a one-day pop-up store placed halfway between the two corporations’ headquarters in the States on the 21st of September.

However, Mc Donald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook surprisingly declined the offer, claiming the two brands could do something bigger than a burger-combo to make a difference. Basically, they let Burger King become the uncontested winner of the social media dispute they generated.

We believe this could be a great chance for other brands to seize the opportunity and jump on board. How about a Big Hut McKFC, for instance?

Cafe Art: My London Calendar 2016

The UK-based charity Cafe Art came up with a fascinating experimental competition, distributing 100 Fujifilm disposable cameras to homeless people living in London and asking them to take pictures around the city with the theme “My London”.

Out of the more than 2,500 pictures taken, 20 were chosen to be part of a calendar, which is currently being used for a crowdfunding campaign to make it to the print house. If you want to give your contribution, you can find the Cafe Art project on Kickstarter.

Jess Glynne: “Gave Me Something” Music Video

Open YouTube on your browsers and type Gave Me Something in the search bar.

What you’ll find is British singer Jess Glynne’s latest video clip, literally created in collaboration with her fans. They were directly asked to get involved in the project by going to her website, downloading the lyrics, filming themselves and following the instructions on the lyric sheet before finally uploading their video on social media, using the hashtag #GaveMeSomething.

The resulting ‘patchwork’ video is so simple yet clever, playing on users’ engagement in a very brilliant and innovative way.

Airbnb/Neighbours: Ramsay Street Home

When it comes to viral creative marketing, few brands can compete with Airbnb. The accommodation booking website has partnered with popular Australian soap opera Neighbours, for a competition, giving two lucky fans the chance to win a very special sleepover at one of the show’s most famous homes on Ramsay Street.

The all-inclusive prize package also entails a tour around some of the soap’s most iconic locations and an on-set dinner with the infamous Dr Karl Kennedy and Kyle Canning.

Any Aussies on the opposite side of the screen reading this? You can sign up to Airbnb’s competition here.

Coca-Cola: Twitter-powered vending machines

From Australia all the way back to London, Coca-Cola selected a few of the city’s railway stations to debut with their latest interactive brand experience: a series of Twitter-powered vending machines, distributing branded t-shirts and free Cokes.

Choose happiness

The Coca-Cola Twitter-powered pop-up vending train travelled across the capital from the 14th to the 24th of August, stopping at Waterloo, Paddington and finally, King’s Cross.

Visitors were encouraged to tweet their favourite Coca-Cola variant using the hashtag #ChooseHappinnes to get a refreshing fizzy drink and a matching tee!