Sheep trail, selfie buckets and love café

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  • July 31, 2015
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

This week in PR, we have had a few summer surprises and many brands using digital and creative billboards to connect with their audience. As usual, we’re here to share with you our favourite PR campaigns we have seen this week…

#Shauninthecity: The sheep trail

The Wallace and Gromit Children’s Foundation in Bristol have launched their summer charity art trail. The charity has worked with artists, designers and even celebrities to create 70 b-ewe-tiful giant Shaun the Sheep sculptures and placed them around both Bristol and London as a children’s summer trail.

By using the Shaun in the City mobile app and their digital passport, children will get the chance to visit each sculpture, take a picture and share it on social media. The trail has brought thousands of extra tourists to the city and already raised thousands of pounds for worthy causes.

The charity have baked Shaun the Sheep cupcakes to sell to the children and their families and, at the end of the campaign, will be taking all of the sculptures to London to auction off and raise yet more funds for the charity.

Laura Ashley have got involved too and donated a creative Shaun the Sheep for the event:


McDonald’s McFlurries: Interactive billboard

The next summer surprise was in the Netherlands and conducted by McDonald’s. By using a heat-sensitive billboard which opened when the temperature exceeded a certain point, passers-by were given free McFlurry cups to go and collect their free frozen treats to cool down. We’re just waiting for this cool vending machine to come to the UK!

KFC: Finger Lickin’ Selfie

In their recent adverts, KFC have focused on the family aspect to their fast food service, bringing generations together with their special family buckets. To expand on this marketing activity, they created a digital “Memories Bucket”.

The new family bucket (limited availability in Canada stores only) not only holds its finger lickin’ chicken but allows you to print your special photos from it and share with those around you. If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself:

Kellogg’s: The Breakfast Commuter

Kellogg’s Special K brightened up hundreds of people’s mornings in London this month with their latest PR campaign. A woman was spotted on the tubes one morning with a large suitcase on her lap full of all the equipment and ingredients needed for a perfect bowl of cereal.

As she poured her milk and twirled her spoon, passers-by giggled and captured pictures, sharing this weird but wonderful moment online. This was a creative and funny PR stunt by Kellogg’s, reminding people that breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day!

breakfast commuter

Marmite: Opening a love café

Are you a lover or a hater? Well, we love Marmite’s latest PR activity this week, as they are about to open a pop-up love café for the brand in Soho. This is the world’s first pay by sentiment café, where they will be dividing the nation once again with their unique payment method.

On arrival, customers will be asked to input their Twitter handle into a social media-powered ‘love-o-meter’ to measure the sentiment you give them online. If it’s positive, then you can enjoy toast and a coffee for FREE, whilst the haters will be forced to pay normal price!