Shoes, food and books: PR weekly round up!

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  • September 15, 2017
Kerry McGreene

Kerry McGreene

Digital PR Executive

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here, and what better way to get that Friday feeling than running through our favourite PR campaigns this week by Muscle Food, Marmite, McDonald’s, and Clarks.

Naughty but nice

Muscle Food, an online health food retailer, are no strangers to the fact that the fitness life is a struggle. The time-consuming meal prep combined with the delicious smells emanating from your favourite fast food chains as you walk by can cause us all to fall off the #fitfam bandwagon now and again.


Rather than guilt trip consumers by highlighting the numerous calories in a Big Mac or steak and cheese subway (my personal favourite), Muscle Food and their brand ambassador, Dan Rayner, have revealed the healthiest options to have from Greggs, Nandos, McDonald’s, and Subway.

As Muscle Food’s core demographic are those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this campaign is clever as it reinforces the belief that we can enjoy a naughty treat now and again, while still striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle instead of giving up.

Love it or hate it

The Marmite ‘love it or hate it’ dispute is a heated debate that’s almost as old as time. However, the brand has stepped into the 21st century to determine consumer’s stance on this very important issue.


Using facial recognition technology, Marmite’s ‘TasteFace’ app will analyse the user’s face when eating marmite to determine whether they are a lover or hater based on their reaction. Not only does the app categorise the user as a lover or hater, it also reveals the percentage of how much a person loves or hates Marmite.

Marmite's desktop app

Image source

We like this campaign, as not only does the app allow the brand to reach out to a brand-new generation of potential consumers, but it also encourages people to go out and buy the product.

Happy reading!

It’s safe to say that Roald Dahl’s books played a significant role in any Brits childhood, making us laugh, cry, and learn important life lessons.

To celebrate the literary genius’ 101st birthday, McDonald’s has released a new series of Roald Dahl’s mini books as part of their Happy Reading campaign. Based on different existing Roald Dahl characters or stories, each book includes an extract from the original novel, as well as illustrations by Quentin Blake.

Roald Dahl Happy Meals

It’s great to see a brand so invested in the education of young children, encouraging them to take the time to sit down with a book in a world that is so invested in technology.

Gender neutral shoes

Another staple of British childhood, Clarks, came under fire in recent months for their seemingly sexist approach in the design of their children’s shoes. The shoe brand was accused of making their boy’s ‘Leader’ shoe line sturdier than their delicately named ‘Dolly Babe’ girl’s shoes.

Clarks have listened to their customer feedback, and announced the launch of a gender-neutral shoe range which have been designed with an ‘entirely unisex approach’.

Gender neutral shoes

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Launching in spring/summer 2018, Clarks’ gender neutral shoe line is sure to generate a lot of positive conversation, and coverage for the brand and position them as a leading voice in the sexism debate.

We hope you liked our favourite campaigns this week! Let us know about yours below, or talk to us @Branded3! You can also read about our favourite PR campaigns from last week here.