Showcase: Powwownow – What people really think of business jargon

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  • June 24, 2014
Mike Jeffs

Mike Jeffs

Commercial Director

Client: Powwownow
Platform: Bespoke design using Adobe Edge Animate


Powwownow is Europe’s leading instant conference call service provider, they are a long standing client of Branded3 and their marketing activity is predominantly aimed at SME’s.

The Challenge

Our strategy for Powwownow is focused on putting them at the heart of the conversation, particularly conversations that staff can relate to regardless of the size of their organisation. Therefore, the aim for us was to create a piece of research that would highlight Powwownow as championing the cause for SME’s, empathising about the challenges business people face and reinforcing that Powwownow is a brand for business people with more sense than money. With this in mind, we opted to research what SME employees think of business jargon, which would in turn encourage users to take people away from emails onto a conference call to decipher what they actually mean.

In order to make the content contribute across a number of channels, it was important to take into account the requirements across the Powwownow marketing mix such as PR, Social, Digital and SEO but also the numerous content that already exists aimed at SME’s and business jargon. Our challenge was to create survey-led content that was different to what was already out there in articles such as and The Daily Telegraph.

Our Approach

We began by coordinating a series of questions in order to gather data for our survey. This would provide the back bone of our content output and also the hook to enable us to get people to cover the information, ultimately engaging in a conversation with Powwownow, so a lot of time was invested in planning the questions thoroughly.

Once the survey had been in the field, we collated the results and opted to publish the findings on the Powwownow blog, which would encourage engagement with the brand. We’d also use the findings from the survey to incentivise coverage, offering exclusive stats where possible.

To ensure we had a fresh approach for our target audience, we decided to visualise the data collected into a graphic. An interactive piece was the best route to go down as there were a lot of stats and content – having a ‘reveal’ effect meant that users weren’t bombarded with heavy content and instead gave them control over which stats to show and hide. This also helped differentiate the piece from existing articles on business jargon.

Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate is a tool that allows animation to be built using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It is accessible on all of the latest browsers and devices that support HTML5. At the time we did the business jargon graphic, Adobe Edge had just been launched so we were ahead of the competition who were still producing static infographics.

Using Edge meant that the design team could add interactivity into their work without needing the development side of the business – which made the turnaround a lot faster.

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