Showing some #LOVE to Virgin Atlantic, KFC and Uber Eats

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  • February 16, 2018
Beth Hibbert

Beth Hibbert

Digital PR Strategist

We’ve been feeling the love this week as the nation’s Instagram feeds, Facebook statuses and even our newspapers were filled with declarations of love and bouquets of roses. Whether you’re team Valentine’s day or not, you just can’t escape the buzz of the day (even if you try!) Brands from all kinds of industries have been jumping on the popularity of the day with fun campaigns and freebies – here are some of our favourites.

Virgin Atlantic’s love heart in the sky

Earlier this week, a Virgin Atlantic pilot used flight radar technology to draw a love heart in the sky while he was out on a training flight. His flight path was just off the coast of Cornwall and was quickly spotted by keen plane spotter, Phillip Davies.

This isn’t the first time flight paths have been used for PR, back in August, Boeing used what they called “aerial art” when testing their 787 Dreamliner to draw an outline of, you’ve guessed it, a Boeing 787. The company faced some backlash from environmentalists, but claimed the plane needed to be tested anyway so would have flown the same distance regardless.

This was then followed by rivals Airbus drawing a Christmas tree with their flight path over Germany. All three campaigns worked for their creativity (even if a little copycat in style), and the fact that a stunt like this can’t be pulled off by just any brand.

KFC’s scratch and sniff cards

KFC have had a string of brilliant, albeit slightly wacky PR campaigns over the last year. We’ve seen health food influencer parody videos, chicken-inspired nail polish and KFC themed Christmas decorations. This Valentine’s day though, the fast food giants have created their very own range of scratch ‘n’ sniff greetings cards.

There are four variations on the card, however, according to PR Examples, all of them include a special scratch ‘n’ sniff patch, plus an image of the Colonel himself sharing the Valentine’s day love with messages such as…

  • “You have the secret recipe to my heart.”
  • “I fell in love the first moment I slaw you.”
  • “We’re two peas in a chicken pot pie.”
  • “I’d be with you all the time if only I could. You make me feel so finger lickin’ good.”

The comedy and “WTF” nature of KFC’s recent campaigns are what make them highly newsworthy.

Uber Eats celebrate singletons with free kebabs

Valentine’s is no longer just for couples! The introduction of phrases such as “Galentine’s” and campaigns like this next one from Uber Eats, mean the day can be celebrated by everyone, not just those in relationships.

Uber Eats, the food delivery service, ran a buy one, get one free deal this year (14th-18th Feb), so that singles could buy one meal for themselves and give another to a friend. Toussaint Wattine, general manager of Uber Eats told the Independent:

“While many lovebirds will be out wining and dining on the 14th, this year we want to make Valentine’s period all about celebrating friendship and love whether you’re in a relationship or not.”

“So if you’re still holding out for your soulmate or simply want to show your friends how much you care, ditch the single doner kebab and enjoy two meals for the price of one with your bestie.”

Free food is always a winner when it comes to getting PR coverage. After looking online and at Uber Eats own channels though, we can’t help but feel that they could have made more effort to promote the deal to customers. Unless we’re missing something, there’s not one mention on their Twitter, despite having over 70k followers.

Royal Mail’s love-inspired houses and street names

Around February 14th, publications are filled with tips for where to find the most romantic getaways. This year, however, the Royal Mail have given this classic headline a twist, with their most romantic street names campaign.

They’ve used existing data they already have access to and analysed it to find the street names and house names which are connected to the message of love – for example, “Rose Cottage”. The findings have been put into tables and maps to show further trends such as, where the most romantic streets are and what the most romantic street and house names are.

The campaign is a great way to use data that the company has readily available, simply visualising it so that it appeals to publications and readers, like in these pieces by the Telegraph and House Beautiful.

Independent Age open the conversation around over 65’s sex lives

It’s not often we cover surveys in our weekly PR campaigns round up. That’s not to say we don’t think they’re a great way to get your brand out there, it’s just that we see a lot of them. However, what is rare is for a survey to get covered on the BBC. The final campaign in this week’s blog post managed to do just that.

Independent Age used survey data to broach the scarcely talked about topic of over 65s and sex. The survey revealed that over 65s would like more sex, and that they have fewer rules when it comes to dating such as the “3 date rule”.

In the past year, there has been much debate about the representation of older people on television. Whether that’s lack of roles for older actors and actresses, or lack of representation for older women and stories covering romance at this age. This survey works because it follows on from this topical conversation, but also generates what could be deemed as “shocking” headlines. Obviously launching on Valentine’s day helped too.

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