Sitecore announces new Professional Plus edition

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  • December 4, 2013
Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw

Digital Director

Today, we received some great news from the Sitecore team in that they are introducing a revised Professional Plus version of their license to help support mid-level customers get the most out of Sitecore and its marketing platform. Some of the additional benefits of the Plus edition are:

  • Ability to include four Sitecore Server instances in a solution (previous limit was three)
  • Up to 15 concurrent users on the authoring server (previously 10)
  • Additional legal entities can be added to the license
  • Unlimited domains

The ability to include four servers in a solution means that customers can now create a system with fail-over support and separate UAT environment all under one solution, this normally requires the uplift to Enterprise edition however now we can look to set up:

  • Load Balanced Delivery server
  • Production CEP Management Server
  • UAT CEP Management Server

Overall, the savings to the license fee can be upwards of £50,000 which is a fantastic saving for a great platform.

As a Sitecore partner, we’re really looking forward to what to what other treats Sitecore will be offering in 2014 along with new versions of the latest Sitecore version 7 platform.



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