Sitecore Commerce 8 download availability announced

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  • January 16, 2015
Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw

Digital Director

Today we have some very exciting news in that Sitecore Commerce 8 is available for download to Certified Developers and Partners.

The product suite essentially helps businesses bridge the gap in offline and online transactional systems and purchases trends en-route to the holy grail of a single customer view. The solution helps to simplify what is usually a very fragmented technology system by providing a fully integrated customer centric system.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail, this element delivers the EPOS arm of the solution and allows customer transactional data to be centralised into the retail chain.

This solution offers quite a few exciting possibilities in terms of customer experience:

  • A single customer view across all brand experiences
  • Omnichannel membership schemes and loyalty solutions
  • Orders placed offline can be viewed online allowing the customer to see their complete history
  • Order online, fulfil in-store

Entering into the Enterprise Commerce space is a new step for Sitecore, which backed by the experience and power of Commerce server is a space I’m sure they will quickly gain traction in. By commerce enabling Sitecore, they have given the power of bringing together experience and product to deliver real results.

The ability to deliver both product data, marketing and sales messaging across the board from a centralised system is extremely powerful and ensures consistency for brands.

More product-specific details can be found on

If you would like to know more about how Branded3 works with the Sitecore Experience platform or are interested in our approach to eCommerce solutions, then please get in touch.

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