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  • May 18, 2015
Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw

Digital Director

The Sitecore eXperience Platform SXP is a powerful toolset for building your brand website. It has a CMS at its core to allow you to manage the architecture and structure of your site content to provide a logical and smooth customer journey. Alongside this core is one of the key differentiators of the platform – its marketing features.

I strongly believe that one of the great things about Sitecore is that it is an enabler. When you put the features in the hands of those who want to build the experience for the customer you can see the true value of the solution.

As part of their commitment to the vision of  striving for customer excellence, Sitecore have produced a new series of eBooks. Available in 12 chapters and to be provided as a single guide when the series has finished, it breaks down customer experience into digestible parts perfect for marketers that want to get insight and advice on getting started with experience marketing.

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Some chapters to look forward to include; the customer experience maturity model, delivering customer experience excellence in an omni-channel world, building your customer insights and how to measure the success of your customer experience activity.

Chapter one of the series starts to explore what Forrester calls ‘the age of the customer’ and some of the major Digital Disrupting brands such as Uber and Airbnb.

These new brands are able to start from the ground up with a unique business model that isn’t grounded in years of “this is the way we’ve always done things”, and were able to breakthrough because of a focus on delivering what the customer wants with an experience perfectly aligned against a digital backdrop.

The paper also takes a look at three of the top brands in the UK at the moment based on delivering customer experience excellence. Not surprisingly the top three includes John Lewis, Amazon and First Direct.

Each brand focuses on building their values with their customers, powering this through their employees and service to ensure that, at every touch point, the experience is the best it can be, which leaves the customer with a positive emotional connection with the brand.

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