Sitecore is named a key leader in CMS platforms for the 4th year in a row

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  • October 21, 2013
Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw

Digital Director


When it comes to Enterprise CMS platforms, in our experience Sitecore is more and more becoming our first recommendation, and with the latest results from Gartner Inc on Web Content Management it’s easy to see why. According to the analysis carried out, Sitecore has been placed as a leader in the Magic Quadrant.

Sitecore is proving increasingly popular due to its enterprise scalability, whilst retaining its simplicity of use and offering great features to the average user. Forgetting the standard issue WYSIWYG editor; Sitecore also features the device and time-based preview system, this is ideal for implementing the latest standards in responsive design and checking out how the site will look on mobile devices – a growing importance for usability and SEO best practice. We’ve also implemented complex domain management and integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory to provide single sign-on solutions within organisations.

The multilingual features mean that you can produce a global platform without the need to re-code the platform and functionality. This has also given Sitecore the ability to enter markets such as Japan and China, giving it a real boost in awareness.

For the more controlled content implementations, we have created robust workflow and approval mechanics and audit history’s to ensure that only the right content gets published by the right person.

The features setting Sitecore above the rest in our opinion, are:

  • Its integrated digital marketing suite
  • The ability to customise content based on user activity, such as completing a form
  • The tool which allows developers to navigate a certain journey
  • The ability to add an engagement metric, allowing developers to give visitors a value based on how much they’ve engaged with your solution
  • The function to send triggered emails direct from the platform, helping give that timely push for a call-to-action
  • The ability to analyse the journey’s in either a campaign or journey view, giving full visibility of the value to relevant sources

The latest release version of the platform is version 6.6, but is soon to be followed by the eagerly-awaited version 7. I’ll be reviewing the upcoming features soon to see what great things we have to look forward to.

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