Skyscanner takes us around the world in 24 hours and M&M asks us to vote

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  • May 1, 2015
Maria Berz

Maria Berz

Digital PR Executive

    WATERisLIFE: The Last Family Portrait

    WATERisLIFE is a charity committed to providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene programmes in order to improve the living conditions in the areas of the world that need it most, thus giving them safe lives.

    The charity has now teamed up with Deutsch NY and launched the campaign “The Last Family Portrait” to raise awareness of the water shortage in Ethiopia. The campaign highlights how important family portraits are, to remind us of the moments we’ve shared with our loved ones – even more so when a family member passes away.

    Families in Africa face the loss of a loved one due to a water-related disease every 20 seconds. WATERisLIFE have travelled to Ethiopia to visit families in the region and took what for many would have been their first family portrait and sadly for some their last. At the centre of the campaign is a YouTube video, but WATERisLIFE are also pushing it out on their Social Media channels and in print.

    Pedigree – Feed the Good

    Well-known pet food company Pedigree has launched their global campaign “Feel the Good” in Australia and Brazil, before rolling it out in additional markets later this year. The message of the campaign is that dogs bring out the good in people and is based on findings of a study around the benefits of dog ownership, which Mars commissioned five years ago.

    While certain aspects of the campaign is going to vary in each market, the online documentary “First Days Out” will be a vital core part of the campaign everywhere. The video has already launched in Brazil and follows the true story of two ex-cons who manage to turn their life around after experiencing the unconditional love that’s discovered when adopting a dog.

    Skyscanner – Exploring the world in a day #24hPeriscope

    Global travel search engine and comparison site, Skyscanner, has announced their brand new project #24hPeriscope. Earlier this month Skyscanner used the Twitter app, Periscope, to broadcast live for 24 hours from around the globe. They had invited travel bloggers from all over the world to take part in the campaign and show viewers a new destination every hour.

    Skyscanner has shown that they not only understand the benefits of the new app, but that they know how to use it to their advantage to showcase their expertise in the travel industry. The bloggers took the viewer on an interactive real-time adventure as they took directions and tips on where to go next.

    M&M – Vote for your favourite

    M&M have jumped on the General Election bandwagon and launched a topical campaign called “Voted your favourite”, which allows you to vote for your favourite M&M character.

    It includes (of course) a campaign video, manifesto, and they recently held a launch event in London. Instead of politicians they invited celebrities like Mark Wright, Joey Essex and Sarah Harding to join the M&M characters in the London shop!

    TransferWise – Tired of hidden fees

    UK-based money transfer service TransferWise are known for their quirky PR stunts. They have previously caught people’s attention with a semi-naked demonstration and a Halloween funeral march last year for example.

    Now they surprised London commuters with their latest sleeping stunt, featuring a tired group of actors in pyjamas tucked in to bed outside the Royal Exchange, who faced a nasty awakening to hidden fees in foreign exchange.