Sleeping rough, counting sheep and Dr. Love…

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  • December 16, 2016
Audrey Maffre

Audrey Maffre

Digital PR Executive

We’re already more than halfway through our advent calendar – the chocolates are getting scarce, but luckily we have an abundance of PR campaigns to share with you!

Christmas, in addition to making people festive, has a way of bringing out a brand’s creativity. So let’s not wait any longer – grab your sweets and have a look at our top five campaigns of the week.

Sad mannequin

If you haven’t seen at least three mannequin challenges, you must be living in a cave. Even Hillary Clinton took part in the viral trend. Basically, the goal is to hold your pose so it looks like you’re a statue (or a mannequin, hence the name).
Though they’re usually light-hearted and funny videos, Providence Row, a homeless charity, took a completely different angle in their mannequin challenge: reality hits when you least expect it…

But we’ll let you watch it for yourself. It certainly raises awareness about people sleeping rough in the winter while we’re opening our Christmas crackers.

Feeling sheepy

Unfortunately, we don’t live in Japan, where falling asleep at your desk is seen as a good thing (as it shows you are exhausted from working very hard). Here in the UK, we stay awake and simply refuel on tea or coffee.

Web-Blinds, a blinds company, investigated our reaction times when we’re tired.

They created a game where a sheep is fired from a cannon. Upon seeing the poor bovid, you are to click on the screen. Child’s play you may think – but not so fast. The results they gathered showcased that sleep-depravation makes our reactions akin to those of a tipsy person or a senior citizen.

Try it yourself here.

Ikea: Expert in relationship problems

Relationship issues are a universal and timeless concern. As building their flat-pack furniture probably triggers many of these issues, Ikea understands – and they decided to find a solution to the continuous flood of love problems.

To do so, they renamed their nearly-impossible-to-pronounce products according to the most Googled relationship questions. Hats off to their creativity!


Message in a bottle

A message in a bottle will have a completely new meaning once you’ve seen this new promotional video from Coca-Cola.

This innovative bottle lets you record an audio message and then twist the cap open to play it. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Italy. We’ll have to stick to Christmas cards this year.

 Take the day off

We love a heart-warming story, and so to finish this blog post, this is what we will give you!

In light of the recent debate surrounding whether or not large retailers should be open on Boxing Day, Wongs Jewellers’ CEO announced to his staff that the independent jewellery shop will not open for Boxing Day.

He says it’s because employees have worked hard enough and they deserve to spend time with their family. Heart-warming, right? Now, if he could only throw in a bracelet or two…