Snowed in today

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  • December 4, 2008

Took some pictures of the snow in Harrogate today. After half an hour trying to get the car off the drive I called it a day and built a snowman instead.

Most roads from the village are blocked apparently so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t get very far.




Patrick Altoft

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  • Luke

    Nice garden, someone must be doing well 😀

  • David Fiske

    All we’ve got in Cardiff is blue sky and wet roads. Snow missed us completely. Ba humbug!

  • Stuart Turner

    Good effort! I watched loads of cars slide into eachother outside our office, and yesterday a tool in a BMW slowly lside backwards down a hill while ruining his tyres. I love snow…

  • SandyM

    Same here David.. Huff!.. No snowmen for the South Midlands today!

  • Gencia

    must be a Yarkshire thing, all we’ve had in Manchester is rain, cold and ice

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  • David Bradley

    It tipped down earlier, bright sunshine now, windy, but clouding over…looks cold outside. The missus is doing the lunchtime dogwalk today.

  • Rick

    Dundee the same, was expecting a good shower of snow….just got sleet.

  • Steve

    Do you live in the UK?

    Here in Canada, if we looked outside in the morning and saw that “much” snow, we’d consider ourselves lucky and not even bother leaving for work early (to ensure arriving on time)!

    …although, on the flip side, if it gets over 30 degrees celsius or so – Canadians will melt like butter. :)

  • Patrick Altoft

    Steve if we get even a slight dusting of snow everywhere comes to a stop.

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  • Stuart Turner

    It’s not even on the news, because no one could make it to the BBC. That’s when you know it’s serious…

  • pazarlama

    wow, :) hey friend it is realy nice . Do u feel cold . i am from turkey we havent snow yet this year

  • Will

    Holy hell. I haven’t seen this much snow since the East Coast blizzard of ’96.

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