Social media war: Is Twitter’s offer for TweetDeck purely a defensive move?

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  • May 3, 2011
Felicity Crouch

Felicity Crouch

Marketing Manager

It is expected to be announced in the next couple of days that Twitter has bought TweetDeck, after making a counter offer nearly twice that of social media development company, UberMedia.

It is widely believed that the motive behind this move by Twitter, is to ensure that they retain maximum market share. By disrupting negotiations between TweetDeck and UberMedia, Twitter has ensured UberMedia won’t gain the predicted 20% share of all tweets served.

Bill Gross, the owner of UberMedia, has so far scooped most major Twitter-based applications and web-based services, building up a large portfolio of Twitter clients. Offering between $25 – 30million for TweetDeck, Gross was believed to have secured the largest Twitter client outside of Twitter’s own properties; but the social media giant has swiftly put an end to negotiations by offering $40 – 50million.

By offering such an enormous amount, some believe that it’s a move by Twitter to secure the market share in this space, retaining full control over Twitter users. With 11% of active Twitter users using TweetDeck, it’s clear to see why there has been some competition over acquiring it.

We’ve experienced first-hand the specifications which must be adhered to when running a Twitter-based development. Due to it’s massive popularity, our online petition site, Twitition, caught the attention of the Twitter camp not long ago, and we worked in conjunction with them to alter our site so that it conformed to their conditions.

Whatever their motive, all will be revealed when the deal has actually been confirmed, and Twitter take over TweetDeck. Users will then be able to see whether Twitter embrace the client and make updates accordingly, or just add it to their pile of secured clients and enjoy maximum market share.

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