Sparking something good, love… and a whole lot of Pride!

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  • August 7, 2015
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Over the past week, we’ve found quite a few fun and innovative PR campaigns out there. We share with you the pick of the bunch over the previous seven days; enjoy!

innocent: Emoji Watering Hole

The reign of the emoji is still going strong as innocent makes them the star of their newest campaign to promote their line of Coconut Water.

The Coconut Watering Hole at Shoreditch’s Boxpark opens this Tuesday (11th August) and offers a range of coconut-based mocktails, which can be ordered through Instagram by using a sequence of emojis.

The one-day popup will also feature a coconut shy, coconut-themed beauty treatment and a steel band.

Emoji Menu FINAL-page-001

Lloyds Bank: Gay Pride

Over the weekend, we saw so many brands showing their support for gay pride, but Lloyds Bank was probably one of our favourites (and was also so simple!).

To show their support for LGBT employees and customers, the bank joined in Pride celebrations by creating ‘GAYTM’s’, decorating their cash machines with colourful rainbow embellishments across London, Manchester, Leeds and Brighton, as well as having a Lloyds fleet marching in the parades.

Sussex Police also showed their support by giving their police cars and motorbikes a rainbow makeover, with stars and the word ‘Pride’ across the windows. They joined in the Brighton parade for its 25th anniversary.


Fantastic Four: Burning Human Drone

To highlight the release of the latest Fantastic Four film, a ‘human torch drone’ was launched into the skies over Long Island, no doubt grabbing the attention of horrified onlookers as a burning body flew overhead.

The human-shaped drone was concocted by viral video agency Thinkmodo to promote the upcoming film and involved rigorous testing and a fleet of firefighters on hand to ensure the stunt went off safely.

M&S sparks something good

Marks & Spencer have jumped head-first into their new heart-warming venture to inspire employees and customers to get involved with doing ‘something good’ within their community.

On July 29th, M&S, its customers and employees, along with members of local communities and celebrities such as Joanna Lumley and David Gandy, completed 24 community projects across London in 24 hours. These included the transformation of an unused central London rooftop, construction of a community farmyard and a new dining room for a busy soup kitchen.

something good

The launch kicked off projects in 24 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland over the next 24 months, with a section of the site dedicated to helping others find projects within their area to get involved in.

*Edit 04/09/17 – the section on M&S is now dead but we’ve left the campaign live here because we’re generous.

Cornetto’s Love Stories

Walls, the owners of the Cornetto brand, have created a series of love stories in the form of interactive short films, allowing users to explore the romantic journey and switch from each character as the story unravels.

Narrated by Cupid (obviously), the quirky films use 3D sound and the thoughts of several characters to give a 360° experience, encouraging the audience to ‘enjoy the ride’ and ‘share the love’.