Speak to a Swede, life-size Monopoly and free pizza!

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  • April 8, 2016
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

April showers bring May flowers. And more campaigns that we love!

Hate censorship? Dial a Swede!

In 1766 Sweden became the first country in the world to abolish censorship. To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the occasion, the country’s tourist board has launched another world first: Sweden is now the only nation to have its own phone number.

The Swedish Number allows anyone from anywhere in the world to call up and be connected to a real random Swede. They can then talk about whatever their heart desires, all in the spirit of openness.

Magnus Ling, the Swedish Tourist Association CEO, said: “In troubled times, many countries try and limit communication between people, but we want to do just the opposite. With The Swedish Number, our goal is to create more pride and knowledge about Sweden, both nationally and internationally.”

Cadbury’s “Tastes Like This Feels”

As part of its new Tastes Like This Feels campaign for Dairy Milk, Cadbury is introducing a range of “intensely satisfying experiences”.

To launch it, they unveiled a carpet of bubble wrap at Westfield in London where shoppers could kick their shoes off and stomp about on this rug of joy, all while enjoying free samples of the chocolate.

The idea behind the installation was to unite the “wonderful feeling of intense satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap” with the “joyful sensation that comes from tasting the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk,” according to assistant brand manager Carly Sharpe.


Future campaigns will include a claw machine (both online and offline) rigged so that you win more often than you would in an arcade.

Monopoly comes to Trafalgar Square

Games have changed a lot in the 80 years since Monopoly first hit the shops. But the team behind the annual London Games Festival are well aware of the widespread love for the classic board game.

To highlight the start of the festival, a 15m2 Monopoly board turned up in Trafalgar Square last weekend. But instead of the usual street names, the board featured a chronological history of video games in the UK, from the home gaming boom of the 80s to the rise of virtual reality today.

The installation was fully interactive and the public were encouraged to play a round and learn about key players in the industry as they do so.

The London Games Festival runs until 10th April.

Let the good times roll with Zizzi’s online board game

Speaking of Monopoly, Zizzi is giving pizza lovers the chance to win free pizza for a year (!!!) with its addictive new online board game.

Players roll the dice by clicking on them and move round the board, collecting prizes and offers as they go. Everyone gets two rolls a day but can earn more through sharing the game or taking part in a quiz.

Take a #Taddy to win £100

After the devastating floods late last year, Minster FM is offering the chance to win £100 cash and show that Tadcaster is back open for business in the process.

All you have to do is take a selfie in the town and upload it to social media, tag Minster FM in it and use the hashtag #Taddy (that’s a Tadcaster selfie).

With the town now back on its feet, this is a great way of utilising social media to promote the local economy, which had been badly affected.